Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Introducing Generation 6!

After only a few short Sim hours Lucy and Lynus walked out of the hospital with a bouncing baby girl!
Introducing the newest member of the family, Rileh Baudelaire!

Lucy decided to just push Rileh home in the stroller instead of taking a taxi, she thought she would show off her baby girl to everyone in Appaloosa Plains.

Lynus: "That is MY baby, she is so small!"

Lanica jumped off of the counter and did not land on her feet (or paws)...

...I thought cats were always supposed to land on their feet?

I love Skyrim, she is such a sweet and playful dog. I don't want her to get any older.

Rileh is such a quiet and peaceful baby, she is so easy to take care of and never cries.

I think you know what that expression means... Birthday time again! The Baudelaire's love them some birthdays and birthday cake.

It's birthday time for Ainsley!

Ainsley: "This doesn't feel right, why are there sparkles?!"

Ainsley: "Why am I green?!.. Oh wait, I've always been green."
Ainsley has led such a wonderful life, now it's time to sit back and enjoy her kids and grandbabies.

Lennox: "Look! A Plumbob!"

It's also time for baby Rileh's birthday! I can't wait to see how cute she turns out.


And here is Rileh!
She got her Mom's eyes, she is so adorable.

Grandma Ainsley starts her out by scaring her before she could even get used to being a toddler, mean granny...

Ainsley: "I love my Rileh Bug."
Rileh: "Why is this green lady holding me?"

Let's see if she is a messy or picky eater...

...She is a cute picky eater!

Lucy: "Beetles, beetles, beetles!!!"
You okay, Lucy??

Lynus: "Somebody say Beetles?! Oh my gosh, they've bugged the house!"
Oookayy... There's some weirdos around here.


  1. how do your babies never look like sticks all mine do :(

    1. Do you download CC from The Sims 3 exchange(not the store part where you buy stuff)? There's a lot of bad CC in the exchange that can deform the babies and mess up your game.

  2. Lynus's face is priceless!! Love it!