Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 254

Wow, someone other than Loklyn decided to do dishes!

Blake: "I want to do dishes!"

I'm ready for this kid to age up so he can help with dishes.

All of the beds are full in the boys' room so Chase decided to share a room with Emilia.

Sawyer is relaxing while watching over Blake while he learns his skills.

She's relaxing a little too much.

Blake: "Mommy is asleep, now I can get into stuff!"

Loklyn is on his way to becoming a level 10 cook! I love it when they learn how to make french toast.

Chase loves helping with Blake, he's a huge help.

Chase: "Does that mean I have to do it all the time?!"

Chase: "I'm going to relax and play my guitar."

Chase: "I forgot, my guitar skills suck."

Since Joel is a fairy he can sleep in the fairy house, one more free bed!

Omelette: "Come on, chase me!"

Loklyn: "Pancakes coming up... if I don't drop them!"

Bad Pennie! Stop picking on Blake.

Blake: "Pennie, I thought you loved me!"

Poor baby, I feel bad when this happens.

Blake: "Pennie pushed me!!!"

Somehow Nolan missed school so he was standing outside in the rain.

Novie: "Why did you skip school?"
Nolan: "I..."
Novie: "Why?!"

Nolan: "I could tell you if you stopped talking over me."

Novie: "Don't talk back to me!"
Nolan: "I'm not... I'm not."

Loklyn: "Goodnight, little one. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite."

Blake: "I have bed bugs???"

Loklyn: "Is my son stalking me???"

Well, stalking was his first word.

Blake: "This day was successful, I was able to creep daddy out."

He's such a peaceful sleeper.

He slept all night and all morning!

Emilia: "What's up... Um, what happened?"

Samuel: "I blew myself up, next... the world!"

Joel: "Look, something you can blow up!"

Samuel: "What?"

Joel: "That totally backfired!"

Joel: " did you do that?!"

Samuel: "I'm just good like that, don't try it again!"

This... this does not look good.

Samuel: "Mwahahahaha!!!"

I'm scared of this kid.

Emilia is sweet, she bakes all day and stays out of trouble, the complete opposite of her brothers.

Pennie: "Why are you burnt? Do you taste like toast?"

Pennie: "I've sniffed enough for one day, bed time!"

Poor mail guy, he has a rough job on rainy days.

Pennie: "Why don't we invite him inside until the rain stops?"

It looks like the baby gnome found his way inside out of the rain!

Pennie is so sweet when she sleeps.

Just wait until she wakes up, everything will be chewed.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 253

Chase: "It's my birthday! That means cake."

Chase: "Wait, where's my cake?!"

Chase is a cutie with an odd hairstyle! It fits him though.

Samuel: "Haha, his hair looks funny."

Get out of here, you're scaring the baby gnome!

Baby time is inching closer and closer! I'm hoping for a girl like all of the other pregnancies.

Omelette is a good dog! She potties outside.

Joel! How could you leave the house in your pajamas?!

Sawyer: "My son went to school in his pajamas AND I'm having the baby?!"

Loklyn: "Why is she having the baby where we eat?!"

Sawyer: "That reminds me, I didn't finish my pie."

And.... of course it's a boy. Oh well, we love him just as much as we would have loved a girl!

Introducing, Blake Baudelaire!

Crazy haired Chase is tending to the garden while Sawyer recovers and loves on her new baby boy.

It seems like there's always a birthday!


Emilia is adorable! I just love her hair, she's definitely heiress unless we get another girl.

Time to see who this baby looks like! 

Loklyn and Chase: "We hope it looks like us!"


Wow, he looks so much like Joel! He's a fairy too, I wonder where that wing color came from though.

Novie: "I'm outside by a mailbox... that means ONE thing. We've moved again!"

The Baudelaire's moved so Emilia decided to play peek-a-boo with baby Blake.

Blake: "I see you!"

Loklyn: "Umm, I don't think this is the best place to learn how to talk... something is stalking us."

Blake: "Stalking?"

Stalking is his first word?!

Emilia: "Yes! The stalker ice cream truck is here, that means I can get ice cream."

Or kidnapped, by the looks of the truck I think you have a better chance of being kidnapped than getting ice cream.

Joel loves practicing ballet.

While Winslow snoozes in random places.

Omelette: "Can I sleep in random places?"

Loklyn: "No, if I can't sleep on the floor then Omelette can't either."

I guess it's not so bad being the only girl, Emilia has a whole room to herself.

Well, she DID.

Nolan: "I want to play dolls!"

Look at this cute little fluffy thing!

Fluffy and clumsy! I wonder where it came from?!

Novie: "There's a mysterious puppy in our house?!"

There's a puppy running around and nobody cares to ask any questions about it? They just continue doing normal daily things.

Omelette: "The puppy is mine!"

That's right... Omelette and Barkley had a puppy! She's a cutie.

Omelette is such a good mommy.

Sawyer: "What about me, am I a good mommy?"

She's a very good mommy and it looks like she's about to add another baby to the bunch!

Blake: "I'm not going to be the youngest anymore?!"

Barkley and Omelette had a girl, Pennie!