Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 196

Maisy, I don't think it's very safe to use that while pregnant.

Maisy: "I think you were right!"

Elodie: "What in the world is going on in here?"

A new Baudelaire baby is joining the family, that's what's going on!

Introducing, Valerie Baudelaire!

Maisy: "Eugh, this baby stinks and it won't stop crying."

Theo: "What. Do. You. Want."

Theo: "Every time I try to nap around here a crying baby wakes me up."

Theo: "Is someone actually paying attention to me?!"

Theo: "This is strange, VERY strange."

Maisy: "There's a giant pumpkin outside somewhere, I need you to find it for me."

Theo: "Have you seen a giant pumpkin around here?!"

It looks like Theo found the pumpkin for Maisy.

Zoey: "Is she planning on sharing any of that toasted pumpkin with me?"

After chowing down on the pumpkin it was time for Valerie's birthday!


She's a little derpy Zoey clone!

Zoey: "And the Sim God sent thousands of Zoey clones to Hidden Springs to take over the entire world!"

Maisy decided to take Theo on a walk to hunt for more pumpkins when the snow stopped.

And then off to the park for a little winter fun!

Maisy: "This. Is. Awesome!"

Maisy: "I think I hurt my back the last time I landed."

Elodie: "Get the Sims from Sims 2 off of my tv!"

Elodie: "We don't want our controller getting any ideas to go back to Sims 2 and leave us!"

While Elodie growls at the tv there is a party going on in the kitchen, it's time for Bria to age up!


She's still derpy and adorable!

Valerie: "I'm supposed to be the only derpy and adorable Baudelaire around here!"

Valerie: "I'm the only derpy, adorable Baudelaire, right?"

Valerie: "This pink milk tastes a little funny."

Valerie: "Wait... does pink milk come from strawberry cows?!"

After her amazing strawberry cow mystery was solved it was time to learn how to walk, she learned quick!

Grayson is still a little confused and thinks strawberry cows actually exist.

Baby #3 is on the way!

Maisy: "I see a fluffy doggy that needs a belly rub!"

This gnome shows up every night to listen to the radio.

Emzie just couldn't stay awake to guard the toy box any longer.

It's so peaceful when all of the crazy Baudelaire's are tucked into bed.

Maisy: "Wow this kid stinks, someone needs to change its diaper."

Maisy: "Wyatt is on diaper duty, right?"


Maisy: "Awww, but I don't wanna smell that thing."

Bria and Valerie love playing together, they're going to be so close.

Valerie: "I love my big sissy."

It's finally time to get out of the stinky diaper stage!


She reminds me of Julissa!

Maisy: "I think it's time for more smelly diapers!"

Grayson: "You can't have this baby yet, you didn't finish your sculpture!"

We finally have a little boy!

Introducing, Atley Baudelaire!

Maisy is so happy to finally have a little boy, I hope he looks just like her.

Grandpa Grayson loves taking care of him.