Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 30

Lynus: "I now preside over this royal court!"
Prince Lynus of Sunset Valley.

Lynus: "Cheer for your Prince!"

Lynus: "All hail your Prince!"

I see that Lennox does not take after Ainsley with her computer whiz trait, Lennox is always unhappy with the electronics in the room.
Lennox: "Computer = Hate"

Time has come to teach the girls the basics of life.
Liam: "Can you say pen for Daddy"
Lennox: "Nooo."

Ainsley looks like she is having more fun than Caylix.

Ainsley: "Time to take your first steps, Caylix."

Ainsley: "I know you will do great!"

Ainsley: "Look at my little girl, she is growing up right before my eyes, before we know it she will be asking us to teach her how to drive."

Hudson: "Come on Lennox, come to Grandpa!"

Hudson: "Good girl! You did it Lennox, you can walk by yourself now!"

Just as most big brothers do, Lynus was caught picking on Lennox.
Liam: "Now Lynus, you do not pick on your little sisters, there is no point in that. If you do it again you will be grounded."
Lynus: "Whatever..."

Hudson loves taking care of his grandbabies, the Baudelaire's have such a close bond with one another.

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