Friday, June 13, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 216

Don't look now but... I think that creepy pink thing is watching you.

Indigo: "The creepy pink thing can watch me pick my nose!"

Cheyenne: "Disgusting little brothers."

Indigo: "Disgusting and proud!"

Emmie: "7 kids and working a full time job... I need a little sleep elixir to help me get more sleep in less time."

Emmie: "I think I can feel it working!"

Don't even think about it!

Early: "Think about what? Eating the fish? Nah, I would never."

Liara: "Don't let Early eat my fishy."

Get out of the nursery!

Liara: "Wrecks just got water all over me!!!"

Chelsie: What is this? We didn't have things like this back in my day."

Chelsie: "Hmmm, maybe we should have."

Chelsie: "You jelly of my mad skillz?"

Cheyenne: "Why is grandma talking like that?!"

Cheyenne: "The world has gone mad!!!"

Cheyenne: "Okay, okay... I need to relax and breathe."

Arlo: "She needs to leave, that's what she needs to do."

Arlo: "I told her to leave, why isn't she leaving?!"

Jaxine: "Arlo doesn't want me to leave, does sheeee?"

Wow, you did your business outside, good dog!

Cheyenne: "I taught her that."

I hope not!

Kahlan has been trying to get fit, she fails.

Kahlan: "I do NOT fail, I'll show you when I kick your butt!"

Ean: "My daughter needs to watch how she's talking."

It's party time for the triplets! I don't want them to grow up.


Indigo: "Everything about this birthday sucks."

Yep, much cuter when he couldn't talk.

Okay, that's pretty cute and a little creepy.

Ean: "If I win you have to get rid of that creepy doll."
Indigo: "And if I win you have to get rid of your ugly face."


So cute and adorable!


Cute! But not as cute as Indigo and Liara.

Liara: "Let's party!"

The party has been over... for hours.

Indigo: "Goodness, I think he likes me!"

Emmie didn't have much time left to get to work since all of the triplets had birthdays so she had to teleport.

Liara: "Mom can teleport?!"

Ean: "This bookshelf is hideous, get it out of my sight!"

Emmie has everyone hooked on sleeping elixir.

And Jaxine is hooked on licking ALL of the plates, gross!

NO! I already miss Chelsie so much!

Chelsie Baudelaire
- Birth and death date will be entered when I get my planner -

Of course a purple snow cone makes everything better.

Kahlan: "Oh yeah, almost time to beat everyone up."

Tillie: "I bet I can dig to Shang Simla!"

Early loves playing outside.

Wrecks has been out hunting for gems all day, he leaves in the morning and comes back late at night.

Arlo: "Wait a second... he's not out hunting for gems, is he? He is out with another dog!"

Tillie: "I will destroy everything you love!"

Indigo: "Are you sure this is safe?!"

Indigo: "This is safe... and AWESOME!"