Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 33

You see those annoying things? You know what that means, it's birthday time again!

The twins are aging up!
Caylix is first.


And now it's Lennox's turn.. the whole family loves birthdays, I think they like the cake more than anything.


- Caylix Baudelaire -
She still loves the color Purple, she carries on the blue Baudelaire eyes from the first generation!

- Lennox Baudelaire -
I still have no idea where that blonde hair came from but I love it with the green eyes.


  1. So...My favorite so far is Lennox. I think it's her eyes - they really pop next to her blonde hair.

  2. Lennox is my favorite too, I love the green eyes and the blonde hair but I don't know where the blonde came from.
    I might let everyone on my page vote for their favorite but so far I am really liking Lennox.

  3. hmm I think that is Jacob's genes... he was somewhat "blonde"ish :P

  4. lol, i don't know if you're still wondering, but when children get weird genes that neither of the parents had, the game generates grandparents if one of the parents don't have parents if that makes sense. So I'm assuming you made Ainsley, but you didn't make her parents, so the game automatically gave her extra random genes from her "parents" so one of Ainsley's game generated parents had blonde hair, which is why Lennox has blonde hair. Hope that makes sense, and if it doesn't, sorry!

    1. It makes sense. ^_^
      I decided to Google it after I got a random blonde or black haired baby a few times and found that out, I was so confused at first, I wondered if they snuck out and got pregnant when I wasn't looking. :P