Friday, May 16, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 215

Starting off this chapter with adorable little Graham!

After a long day of learning how to walk he was out in no time.

Indigo: "FEED ME!!!"

Indigo: "I said feed me, not scare me!"

Ean: "I'm confused, where did this jet pack come from?"

Liara: "And then Indigo pooped in his diaper."
Emmie: "Oh, that's a really interesting story."

Liara: "Mommy likes my story!"

Emmie: "The story was about my kid pooping in his diaper... that's not a story, that's my life."

Time for this cutie to age up!

A perfect combo of Wrecks and Arlo!

Rest In Peace, Caspurr. You were the best kitty!

Caspurr Baudelaire

September 1, 2013 - October 23, 2013

What are you doing?! Get off of their computer!
Grim Reaper: "I'm just checking the obituaries."

Cheyenne: "Grim's boney fingers touched our computer, now we have to burn it!"

As soon as Grim left I noticed something outside... ALIENS!

Even the aliens run from the Baudelaire's craziness.

Graham: "That's right, he better run!"

Kahlan: "I have to blog this!"

Kahlan: "Nobody on Tumblr seems to be interested about Grim using our computer and aliens popping up in our yard."

Tillie: "They probably think she's nuts."

Liara: "They don't think... they know."

Wrecks is being a good boy and patiently waiting for Liara to drop all of her food on the floor.

Indigo: "Do I get some food that was dropped on the floor?! That sounds better than my milk!"

Emmie: "Flippin' pancakes is so fun!"

Emmie: "YES! That one actually went back in the pan, don't tell dad that his landed on the floor."

Atley: "I'm glad I didn't eat that pancake before I died."

Atley Baudelaire
 July 16, 2013 - November 1, 2013

Kahlan: "Did mom seriously give me the floor pancake that she made for grandpa?!"

Kahlan: "I'm going to use my muscles to beat her up!"

It's a beautiful day so the kids decided to go outside and play!

Cheyenne loves hopscotch!

Even though she's not very good at it...

Tillie: "I want to play hopscotch! Can I play, can I?!"

Arlo: "Are you going to tell her that dogs can't play hopscotch?"

Wrecks: "Don't tell her, it will break her heart."

Ean went downtown to their second house along the beach to spend some quality time with Indigo, his shoes are going to be soaked!

I think Ean is having more fun than Indigo.

Indigo: "You're right... I just wanted to play on my bee, I hate water."

He's STILL having more fun.

Emmie: "Here's a full bowl of food, you can stop flying around and pooping on everything now."

Emmie: "Hi, I fed the bird."

Emmie: "Who is this adorable little kitty?"
Early: "The name's Early, now go away so I can stalk that tasty bird."

Emmie: "Let me give you smoochies!"

Early: "What? I have to clean all of her kisses off."

Emmie: "The kitty doesn't like my kisses?!"

Chelsie: "Is someone watching me? I feel like someone is watching me."

Chelsie: "Why didn't you tell me that Wrecks was stalking me?!"

Chelsie: "He followed me into the bathroom and watched me shower!"

It looks like Wrecks taught Early how to stalk... it's not going too well.

Kahlan: "Early is stalking us?!"

Kahlan: "I know! He wants a can of tuna!"

I think Kahlan is right, Early was sent here to eat all of our tuna! Or maybe he just wanted to join all of the craziness, meet the newest family member!