Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 252

Nolan: "Haha, look at him with his paper hat."

Joel: "I now banish Nolan from our kingdom!"

Nolan: "What does that mean???"

Loklyn: "Does this mean Nolan will vanish?!"


That's a creepy face but at least he's cute!

Novie: "Why is Samuel so creepy?!"

Novie: "Creepy Samuel sucks."

Crossing my fingers for another girl!

Sawyer: "I am so tired of being pregnant."

Sawyer: "But I love my baby."

A few neighborhood puppies decided to visit! They're adorable.

Emilia: "I want the puppies!"

Emilia was upset when they left.

But she should be excited now, the Baudelaire's got a new doggy!

Omelette: "My name's Omelette, what's your name?!"

Barkley meeting his future mate! I can't wait for puppies.

Moose and Winslow are a little suspicious of Omelette, I think Omelette just wants to play.

Omelette: "Why won't the kitties play with me?"

That's okay though, Farryn will play!

A little make out session in the kitchen, they can't keep their hands off of each other.

Chase: "Parents are gross."

Gnome: "I will stand guard over this dirty potty!"

Omelette is enjoying this beautiful morning!

Bad idea... BAD IDEA!

Omelette: "Maybe this was a bad idea!"

They never listen.

Noooo! I love Moose, I didn't want him to die!

Moose Baudelaire
January 21, 2014 - August 7, 2014

Every. Single. Time.

Sawyer: "I can't believe Moose is gone, I watched him grow up!"

Loklyn: "And I got attacked once, I'll miss Moose."

Omelette has been checking on everyone and cheering them up.

Sawyer: "Thank you for being so sweet."

Sawyer: "Want the piggy toy?! Get the piggy toy!"

Sawyer: "But what if she chews up the piggy toy?!"

Omelette: "I wouldn't chew up the piggy toy."

Someone is having time machine woohoo!

Something goes wrong every time, I don't know why they still do it.

Sawyer: "Whoa, that was intense!"

Sawyer: "It almost trapped me in the future!"

Sawyer: "I had wrinkles and gray hair in the future."

The gnomes love the garden.

I'm sure the plants appreciate this.

Samuel: "I am tirrrred, time for bed."

Samuel: "Stop watching me yawn!"


Omelette definitely has the 'likes swimming' trait, she's always in the pool.

Omelette is here to stay! You can download her from Pawsitively Adorable Puppies.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 251

Starting off this chapter with one of the most loving couples ever!

They do this all. the. time.

Loklyn: "I can dip kiss my lady all the time if I want to."

And they can take selfies all the time if they want to too.

Sawyer decided some midnight gardening was a good idea.

...or not.

Sawyer: "Midnight gardening sucks."

Barkley: "I can haz cheesesteak?"

Barkley: "I don't get cheesesteak?"

Loklyn: "The dog is always stalking me for cheesesteak."

Barkley: "Well then, I'm outta here."

Loklyn decided to chill in the spa room to get away from Barkley.

But he can't be left alone for long... zombies!!!

Zombie: "Me need spa day!"

Smart, very smart.

Joel: "I just realized I'm wearing clothes."

Novie: "Look, you're going to have to stop losing so many feathers, I'm tired of cleaning them up."

Bird: "Whatever, clean my poop."

Chase: "Our bird is so rude."

Emilia: "I've been ignored this whole chapter so far!"

Emilia: "Am I not loved anymore, gramma?"

Emilia: "The chapter is supposed to be all about how adorable I am."

Emilia: "Someone love me!!!"

She's wayyyy too moody.

Samuel: "Sis, chill. You know you're everyone's favorite."

Why are you still here?!?!

Moose has attacked the ball of yarn, all kitties are now safe from being attacked by yarn.

Moose: "I'm going to unravel this thread by thread."

The Baudelaire's got a new turtle and rodent!

I bet she's cold, it's almost winter and she's outside in her underwear.

While all of the kids are warm inside practicing some skills.

Chase is our little painter in the family.

Easter Bunny Gnome: "Hey, this is a nice view."

I love the baby gnomes, they're so cute!

There's a lot happening here, is Sawyer pregnant again?!

I think everyone knows the answer to that.

Nolan: "Mom is pregnant again?! I don't need another sibling!"

You also don't need to blow yourself up but you still do.

I guess it's worth it, we have a ton of potions, there's more in the family inventory.

Barkley: "Why haven't I sniffed this kid yet?"

Barkley: "Hmmm, smells like milk."

I can never find Chase, he's always off on his own doing something.

It's confirmed, baby #6 is on the way!

Novie: "No, not another one."

Joel: "Have you seen that yet?"

Chase: "What? I don't see anything, Joel!"

Chase: "What just happened?!"

Chase: "Seriously, stop the fairy tricks! Go play some on Nolan."

Joel: "It's just a trick."

Nolan: "Hahaha, Chase got a fairy trick played on him."

Nolan: "What if I'm next???"