Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 10

So this is the beginning of generation 4 and that means I will be announcing heir.
I was very interested in having Millie as heir but that didn't work out so I decided to choose....
Everleigh's only child, Hudson Baudelaire!

Hudson Baudelaire.
Loves the Outdoors

I am finally revealing the Baudelaire house.
I love building houses and I actually plan on going to college to be an Architect so of course I built their house, it is actually one of my simplest houses.
It is now a 2 story house - 4 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms - Upstairs Study - Kitchen/Dining/Living Room Combo - Laundry Room ++
A big pool outside.

Bottom Floor

Top Floor

Well, who is this Hudson?

Hudson found a wonderful woman, she is the woman of his dreams and everything he ever wanted.

Henley: "Yeah, I think I'll just ignore that..."

Today was Kimber's birthday, she is finally a teenager!

It wasn't long before Hudson popped the question to Mindy!
I wish his parents were here to see him on the happiest day of his life.

Introducing Hudson's new wife, Mindy Khyler! (Now Baudelaire)
Easily Impressed
Family Oriented
Loves the Outdoors
Natural Cook

Just like the generations before them, Hudson and Mindy wasted no time creating the next generation Baudelaire babies!

Kimber: "This just.. bores me"

Making the pregnant woman do laundry?! There are lots of other Sims in this house, can't someone help her out?

Mindy: "Do you think we need some shoes??"

Hudson: "Uhhh.. Did you hear that?"

I think we all know that face, the next generation is almost here!
Evan: "Wow, that looks like it hurts.."

Kimber: "Hey, I think I have an idea!"
Oh yeah? What would that be?

Evan: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!"
Don't freak out, it's not like YOU are the one in labor.

I guess Everleigh wanted to be here for the birth of her grandchild but even she freaked out about it.
What do you think Hudson and Mindy will have? I hope it gets those green eyes from Hudson.


  1. hi i love this story so much!!!! i was wandering how you get things like washing machines etc for a laundry room

  2. Washing machines and laundry stuff comes with the Ambitions expansion pack, I think it comes in a stuff pack too but I'm not sure which one. You can also buy it at the store on the sims 3 website.

  3. is the laudry stuff available for sims 2

  4. No. You can download a washer and dryer somewhere but it is just decoration, you can't use it. I'm not sure where to find it though.