Monday, October 24, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 35

Lynus: "I can't concentrate on my homework with that plant staring at me."

Sadly the time has come for Hudson to join his wife, Mindy. Hudson lived a wonderful, happiness filled life with beautiful children and grandchildren, he was at peace with himself when it was time and he knew that he had spent his life just the way he wanted to.

R.I.P; Hudson Baudelaire.

Ainsley: "I think I forgot to turn the computer off!"

Ainsley: "He is pointing at me, isn't he?!"
Grim Reaper: "You're next..."

Lynus: "What? Why didn't anyone tell me that Grandpa died?!"

Shortly after Hudson died it was time for the twins' birthday.
I swear Lennox, don't blow that thing!

The Baudelaire's love birthdays and cake, especially the cake.

Caylix: "Hmmm.. I think I will wish for.. a family that isn't as strange as mine."


Just a bunch of goofballs.

Lennox: "She is about to blow that thing, isn't she?"
Liam *Squeals like a girl*

Lennox *Blows out candles*


Ainsley: "Lynus better not annoy me while I'm trying to get my cake."
Lynus: "I think she will hurt me if I blow this."

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