Friday, October 14, 2011

The Baudelaire's 2.0 - The Introduction

The Baudelaire's 2.0 is the beginning of Maverick and Lilia Baudelaire's story, it may be 2.0 but Maverick is actually a fourth generation Baudelaire.
Maverick and Lilia developed a crush on each other at an early age and as time passed they realized that they had true feelings for one another, by the time they were teens they had confessed their love for one another and were going steady. When the time came for their birthdays to become young adults they had already decided that they would move out on their own and create their own legacy instead of staying in the cramped Baudelaire house.
Maverick inherited a small fortune from when his mother, Mindy passed away and his father, Hudson gave him a little bit of Simoleons to start his new life with Lilia. They decided that is was best to move to a new town to start their new beginning together so they moved to Twinbrook, they knew it was the perfect place for their future family. They had 40,000 Simoloens for their new beginning....

- Maverick Baudelaire -
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Good
  • Clumsy
  • Artistic
  • Ambitious

- Lilia Baudelaire -
(Former Imaginary Friend)
  • Absent-Minded
  • No Sense of Humor
  • Savvy Sculptor
  • Angler
  • Friendly

Their love for one another is great.

Maverick wasted no time looking for a new home for them to move to, he searched high and low until he finally decided on an empty lot, he thought it would be best to just build their dream home.

Maverick: "I don't want to move.. I like someone taking care of me and paying all of the bills."

Maverick and Lilia have finally made it to Twinbrook, they moved into their house before it was completely finished but they just couldn't wait any longer!

The front..
The house is not completely finished but once they make more money they will be able to afford to finish it   ;)

The huge back yard, they will definitely need a fence for their future kids since they live right along the river.

Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room/Laundry Room/Carport/Misc Room

4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms

Lilia: "YESSS!! We have a fire alarm!"

Maverick: "And I have some muscles, see me flexing?"

Maverick: "Honey, this is our new house in this new town. OUR new beginning."

They love each other so much, this is their dream.

Lilia: "This house just sparkles!"
Maverick: "Sure it does, just get your head in the game!"

Maverick waited until the morning newspaper was dropped off to start looking for his first job, he knew if he wanted to give Lilia everything he would have to get to work.

Meanwhile Lilia decided to venture out on the town and see what Twinbrook was all about.
Lilia: "Hi stranger."
Stranger *Stares*

Lilia: "This is the perfect place Maverick, I love it!"
Maverick: "I do too, tomorrow I start my new job and we will have everything we need and want."

Lilia decided that since she was going to be a stay at home mom in the future that she would get started on her cooking skills, she did pretty good. She does have that fancy new fire alarm she was excited about if something was to go wrong.

Lilia: "Hey, what is that!?"

Lilia: "Perfect."
The Baudelaire Legacy will still continue as it has been but Maverick and Lilia's story is just a spin-off, I wanted to give them their own story and their own family.

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  1. I'm happy for Maverick and Lilia :)
    Their house is cool ! I'd like see that when it will be finished :D
    Okay, that's great, but let's go back on our Baudelaire :D

    Crazy Lama