Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 174

Cambrie: "I need a cab, I'm a young adult now so I'm getting kicked out."

Cambrie: "I'm leaving, are you happy?"

I think you need a new umbrella.
Aubrey: "You think?"

No matter where they move it always follows! I guess it thinks that window is to the bathroom.

Avia: "The stalker llama is still following us?!"

Aubrey: "Hahahaha! The stalker llama is following Avia."
Not funny.

I guess Dream doesn't like what's on tv.

Avia: "Eww, this toilet is so gross!"

Avia: "I think I just felt something move, when was the last time this toilet was cleaned?!"

Brynlie: "That toilet is disgusting, we should just blow it up and buy a new one."

Natalie: "All of this toilet drama makes me tired."

Avia: "Yay for nap time!"

It's. Still. Following. Us!

Brynlie: "Just deal with it, Dad the llama just wants to see how we're doing."

Natalie: "You're such a cute kitty, what are you going to do to those feathers?"

Natalie: "Oh my gosh, look at you shred those feathers!"

Stop spray painting the yard!

Lucas finally maxed out his inventing skill!

The kitties own that couch.

Callum: "Stop watching us sleep!"

It's such a nice day for a swim.
Aubrey: "I hope the water isn't too cold!"

It's a beautiful, starry night in Appaloosa Plains.

Natalie: "That's right, all nights are beautiful when it's my birthday."

She's a beautiful clone of her dad!

Brynlie: *Stalks*
Natalie: "When do I get to move out away from that creeper llama kid?"

It's Zacharie's birthday too, he turned out very handsome!

Well, who is this sparkly baby in the foyer?

Avia: "You're adorable, now where on earth did you come from?"

Avia: "According to the note on your shirt you're Natalie's baby girl and your name is Paislee, I definitely see Natalie in you."

Natalie: "Yes! I got an adorable instant baby."

Paislee was very hungry so Avia decided to feed her.

Paislee: "What is this disgusting mushy stuff that you call food!"
I guess she doesn't like mushy food.

...or bottles.
This kid doesn't like anything!

It's all your fault.
Natalie: "I didn't do anything, it's an instant baby."

Odie: "I wish I could still pick my nose like that and get away with it."

Brynlie: "That is so gross, why would Odie want to pick his nose?!"

Dream: "I said the catnip was mine!"

Aubrey lived a lot longer than Breyden but I'm still not ready for her to leave!

Aubrey Baudelaire

December 22, 2012 - April 14, 2013

The Grim Reaper didn't even have to leave before the next death, I guess Dream couldn't live without Aubrey.

Dream Baudelaire
January 23, 2013 - April 14, 2013

Everyone was a little depressed after so many deaths in such a short amount of time so everyone decided to do something fun, Avia went to the park to read.

While Lucas stayed at home to play video games.

And play with his grand baby.

Raccoon: "What am I going to do for a job, I've begged for my old job back... I guess I'll have to go dig through some trash cans."

Natalie's baby girl, Paislee!

Alesana had another little boy, Leo!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 173

I can't believe Andrew is dying, he has lived for so long!

Andrew Baudelaire
November 19, 2012 - March 14, 2013

Lucas: "Is he a ghost now?! I don't like ghosts!"

Great, just great.

Lucas: "Look away, you didn't see that."
Cambrie: "I think I did, Dad."

Cambrie: "Dad is on fire, someone help!"

Natalie: "Not gonna be me, I'm going to take a nap."

Why is there trash on the floor?!

Natalie: "Oops, sorry... there wasn't anywhere else to put it."

Avia: "Why are you leaving trash on the floor for Loie and Odie to get in?!"

Cambrie: "Whoa, calm down, it was Natalie."

Avia: "I told you that you're on trash duty, Natalie is on laundry duty."
Loie: "Haha, you're in trouble."

Callum: "I'm on cleaning duty."

I can't believe how beautiful Dream is.

Callum: "What about me, I'm beautiful too?"
Of course!

I hate watching the pets grow old.

Zacharie: "You hate that but do you hate parties? I don't think you do."

Odie: "What are you lookin' at?"

Natalie: "Yay for parties and moody toddlers!"

Zacharie is so handsome!

Next up is Odie!


Such a cutie! He wasn't planned but I'm considering him for heir now.

Avia: "YES! Odie should be heir!!!"

I don't want to alarm you but don't turn around.

Zacharie: "Why is it always watching us? What does it want?"

Loie: "Put that thing away or I will make the llama kid watch you while you sleep."
I think she already does that.


She is so cute, it's crazy how she looks nothing like Odie.

Zacharie: "Watch out, I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the llama."

Natalie: "Me too, I'm glad Zach is helping now, I don't think I was powerful enough alone."

Loie: "Wait just a minute... you're trying to tell me that they have magical powers and I don't?!"

Natalie: "That's right!"

Loie: "Oh well, I'll just spend time with Stache since I don't have any magical powers."

Loie: "You're such a pretty kitty, yes you are."

Zacharie: "What's wrong, Mom?"

Zacharie: "Do you miss Grandpa? Things will be okay, I promise."

Zacharie: "I'm going to stand guard over my momma, nobody will hurt her."

6 kids means a lot of laundry.

Avia: "Hi, I'm just doing laundry."
I noticed.

Natalie: "Seriously? Aren't you way too old for toys?"

Aubrey: "You're never too old to play with toys."

Cambrie is going to be a painter just like her Grandma.

Cambrie: "I'm not going to be a painter, stop shoving painting in my face."

Cambrie: "And lets start shoving cake in my face!"

Avia: "CAKE!"
Natalie: "I'm surrounded by cake loving idiots."

She's still a clone of Avia, she's beautiful!

Avia: "Yes, I got a clone!"

Cambrie: "Stop calling me a clone, I'm not a clone!"

Cambrie: "Now somebody cut me a slice of this cake."

Brynlie had a birthday too! The older she gets the more she looks like the llama mascot.

Aubrey: "She's copying me again, make her stop."
Loie: "She's copying me again, make her stop."

It's such a beautiful day in Aurora Skies!