Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 338

Ellis has the martial arts LTW so he got started on that as soon as they got home.

He's struggling, hopefully he gets better.

It's not looking very good right now though.

It's Queeny's birthday!

Ellis: "It's still all about me today though."

Queeny: "It's my birthday so it's all about me!"

Queeny is gorgeous! I love her hair and her eye shape.

Maybe he will do better with breaking boards.

Ellis: "I'm good at everything."

Ellis: "I WILL master martial arts."

Owlbert is looking creepy today.

Victory: "Stop staring at my bird, I'm going to watch him!"

All of the minor pets are still alive, this lizard is awesome. 

This view is awesome too!

This is the first picture I took when I installed my new graphics card before I changed my screen resolution, I got my new graphics card on October 28, 2015 and it's a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960.

Weston and Syrah don't care about the new graphics card.

Cadienne: "I don't either, go away."

Queeny: "It gave me better eyelashes but I still don't care."

I think Templeton is the only happy thing here!

This view is amazing!

This one is too, I love their house.

But this view? This view isn't amazing, Brenner needs to work on his garden.

Weston: "I watched the zombies eat it."

Cadienne graduated!

Ellis: "Why didn't I graduate?!"

Queeny: "This game is so realistic!"

Queeny: "This one is too!"

This is real life, Queeny.

Queeny: "Mom told me to go outside to play."

I'm obsessed with Templeton, I want him to stay a puppy forever. Or should I say FURever.

Leave it alone, gnome.

Of course Leighton is still catching on fire.

Leighton: "You say that like it happens all the time, put me out!"

Leighton: "I guess you could say that I'm smokin' hot."

No, Queeny is the one that's smokin' hot!


Max is an elder!

I don't know why the gnomes like this table so much.

Cadienne: "Because they knew I would be there."

Ellis: "Look at how tiny you are!"

Templeton: "Who are you calling tiny?!"

It's a full moon, I'm surprised Brenner is sleeping, he needs to protect his garden.

Gorgeous but spooky night in Appaloosa Plains!

Zombie: "I need to nom your plants."

Minnie: "Should I go scratch the zombies?"

The full moon brings out the creepy zombies but it is so pretty.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 337

I spotted Kessa at the park! She's had a few kids, I think they're driving her crazy.

Cadienne: "Maybe it's just her hairstyle doing it."

Aren't they cute?

Yeah, I have a feeling this won't end well.

It never does.

This looks very painful!

Cadienne: "Watch out!"

I never see the aliens but I always see their vehicles.

You're having a romantic day with your future wife, get off of your phone!

Ellis: "Wait, I'm tweeting about it."

Ellis: "It's too hot outside."

I guess they will Instagram this too.

Ellis: "It's too hot, let's go home."

Ellis: "Or we could do this?"

Ellis: "I love you so I will melt for you."

Eww, take that somewhere else.

Cadienne: "I've made you sweat so much because I have a question for you..."

Cadienne: "Will you marry me?"

Ellis: "Yes! Yes! Now can we go home?"

Cadienne: "Yes, let's go home now."

Brenner has been keeping the cats busy while everyone has been busy making out and getting engaged. 

Victory: "I will catch that red dot... ONE DAY."

Cadienne: "Where is Owlbert? I can't find him."

Cadienne: "I hunted for Owlbert all evening, I'm tired."

Ellis: "I found him!"

Wrong bird, Ellis.

Cadienne: "I don't want a big wedding, why don't we have a small one right now?"

Ellis: "That's a great idea, then we can start on the next generation and go on vacation."

Cadienne: "He was serious about going on vacation."

Ellis: "Yep, we're in Al Simhara!"

Cadienne: "Let's find out what kind of trouble we can get into."

Oooh, snake charming!

Cadienne: "SNAKES?! Nobody told me about snakes."

Cadienne: "Do I blow on this to keep them away?"

Cadienne: "Well, I guess there's no snakes here."

Casper: "Hi."

How did Casper get here?!

Ellis: "Umm, is this butterfly trying to eat my face?!"

Ellis: "It's cute, I'll take it home."

This looks real safe.

Just completely ignore all of the fire and stare at your ring!

Cadienne: "What else am I supposed to do here?"

Cadienne: "Step on more things to open scary places?"

Cadienne: "This one isn't as scary!"

Ellis: "It's too hot here, when do we go home?"

Generation 31 is on the way!

Stranger: "Stop woohooing next to my tent!!!"