Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 247

Synchronized grooming.

Sawyer: "Owww, this hurts no matter how many times it happens!"

Baby #3 is another boy! I'm still happy but would like a girl anytime now.

Introducing, Joel Baudelaire!

Nolan: "Since mom had another boy that means she is done having kids, right? I mean, she just wants perfect boys."

Loklyn: "Should I break the news to him?"

Shouldn't you be spending time with your new son?

Look at those sparkles, he's a fairy baby!

It's already cake party time!


Why so cute and derpy?! This kid, I love him.

Zombie: "Errr... give me brainzzzz."

Joel, you're all blue and blue is my favorite color... you're perfect.

Joel: "My milk tastes like strawberries!"

Tickles from mommy are the best!

Goodbye, old house... and creepy stalker ice cream truck!

Hello, spacious new house!

And... a unicorn?! Yep, the Baudelaire's finally got a unicorn!

She's Sawyer's fourth baby.

Sawyer: "You're gorgeous, I shall name you Farryn."

Sawyer: "Hehe, your nose tickles!"

Sawyer: "I wanted a unicorn but I don't know about riding her!"

Sawyer: "How do I even???"

Sawyer: "This... this needs to stop now!"

Novie: "Haha, my daughter is a wimp."

Come on, this shouldn't be difficult.

Watch out!

Great, Chase is spending time with his creepy imaginary friend!

Novie is attempting another garden so she's upgrading the sprinklers.

Novie: "I think I broke the sprinkler!"
Sawyer: "Oh my gosh, what is mom's problem?"

Barkley: "Sims are freaking out, I'm outta here."

Barkley finally met Farryn!

Winslow too, I think they all love each other.

Baby learning skills... does that mean baby #4 will be announced soon?!

Loklyn: "You did it, that's my boy!"

His face, it's just too adorable.

Barkley loves playing with the sprinklers.

Barkley: "You'll never touch me, water!"

Sawyer: "Is this right? I feel like something is wrong here."

Sawyer: "Nope, wrong way."

Loklyn: "Umm, if someone doesn't help me I'm going to start crying too!"

Novie: "Hehehe, I left him alone with all of the kids."

Winslow: "Watch the fur, I just groomed myself!"

Nolan: "Can. Barely. Reach."

He's almost too short.

Nolan: "Blue please, I want blue!"

Sawyer: "Slow down, Farryn!"

Sawyer: "Do. Not. Like!"

Sawyer: "I hate riding Farryn but I didn't want to come home to screaming kids."

Welcome to the family, Farryn!

I've never played with horses/unicorns so I'm not sure if Farryn will be around very long, we'll see!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 246

Both babies are asleep, success! 

Nolan matches his crib!

Sawyer fell asleep watching her babies sleep, she loves them so much.

It looks like everyone is asleep.

Winslow: "I'm not asleep, I'm looking for something to get into."

Loklyn: "I'm not asleep either, why am I not in bed?"


Novie: "Why are they invading, what do they want?!"

Loklyn: "Yay, a party. Does this mean cake?"

Sawyer: "No, it means your son is growing up."

Hey! There's kind of a party happening here, can you do that somewhere else?!

Winslow: "Whoops, I'll wait until you're done here."


Goodness, look how adorable he is! 

Loklyn: "He's my clone, he's the cutest thing ever!"

Nolan: "So I'm your clone and Chase is daddy's clone?"

Sawyer: "Yup, so that means you're grandma's clone too."

Chase: "Hurry up with the nomz!"

Digging right in, that's my little Baudelaire.

Chase: "These nomz are... ummm."

Chase: "...not so great."

Sawyer: "My nomz weren't too great either, my tummy is upset."

Barkley's favorite spot to nap.

His favorite spot to stalk... wait, that's everywhere.

Spending quality time together building skills!

Nolan mastered all of his toddler skills so he went to the sitting area to play.

Nolan: "I'm a baby genius so I can play!"

Oooh, look at Novie's new toy!

Novie: "I'm too old for this, someone help me pull this lever!"

Looks like she got it!

Loklyn: "Why is Novie making so much noise?!"

The noise doesn't bother Nolan or Chase even though it's right outside the nursery.

Knew it! Baby #3 is on the way!

Novie: "I think two crying babies is plenty, we don't need a third."

Party time! Nolan is ready to dig into that cake.

Barkley: "They're all busy with their party blower things, they will never notice if I lick the cake off of this kid's face."

Barkley: "If it would just stay still long enough."


I can't believe how much he looks like Sawyer's brother, Jonah!

Loklyn: "I didn't get any cake, I have to eat this stupid thing."

Nolan: "Dad wants my cake?! No way!"

Winslow must like the heat from the laptop.

Barkley: "Can I sleep on the counter next to the laptop?"

I guess Novie shouldn't do this at night, she woke all of the neighbors... they were not happy.

Growing! It's baby watch time.

Finishing up all of those life skills before baby arrives!

His slippers are adorable!

Barkley spent all day playing in the backyard, the house is starting to get full of Baudelaire kids.

Bad idea, Barkley!


You're pregnant, you should not be going in there!