Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 238

A random horse just showed up, he stuck around for a long time.

Dekla fell asleep guarding the door, she was making sure the horse didn't get inside.

Eilee: "I want to sleep on the rug!"


Eilee: "I think you said yes."

Novie: "You're going to make my child sleep on the floor?!"

Novie: "I'm going to read you a book before letting you sleep on the floor."

Eilee: "Sounds good."

Eilee: "What is this book about?!"

 Jonah: "Nothing to see here, just going for a cruise on the couch."

Peyton: "I'm not sure I want to use this shower, when was the last time it was cleaned?"

Dekla: "Well, excuse you."

It's baby time!

Novie: "Already?!"

Baby #1 is a girl! That's right, it's twins!

Introducing a fairy baby, Sawyer Baudelaire!

She's a moody fairy baby.

And another girl!

Introducing, Beatrix Baudelaire!

Novie: "I just had twins?!"

Jonah: "Yay for twins!"

Party time for the twins!


It's Ellora with different skin!


It's a Novie clone! She looks less grumpy now.

I love her!

Beatrix: "What about me... do you love me?"

I feel bad having a favorite but I just love Sawyer!

Sawyer: "Num!"

Sawyer: "Can I has some more nomz???"

Beatrix loves her milk too but Sawyer is a little more excited.

Novie: "I'm going to read a book to Sawyer."

Sawyer does not look interested.

Sawyer: "Book time?"

Sawyer: "Do I get a bottle after we finish this book?!"

Novie: "Of course!"

Sawyer: "Let's get done with it then!"

Ellora is on talking duty and Novie is on walking duty!

Sawyer caught on quick, Beatrix not so much...

Eilee has already learned all of her life skills, she spends her days with her imaginary friend.

Cheyenne: "I hope none of the other kids have imaginary friends!"

Peyton: "I want an imaginary friend, they're awesome!"

Indigo: "Everyone gets imaginary friends?!"

I can't get enough of this adorable face.

Sawyer: "Since you love me so much can I have more toys and nomz?!"

Sawyer: "I get more toys because I'm the cutest."

Novie: "Oh, really?"

Sawyer: "I'll have more toys waiting when I wake up."

It's time for Eilee's birthday!


Getting cuter as she gets older!

Eilee: "I wasn't cute before?"

Get out of the dog food!

Sawyer: "Why? It's good."

Eilee: "Princess Eilee of Sunlit Tides has arrived, everyone must bow down and kiss my feet, bring me some juice while you're at it."

I think it's almost time for another doggy, Dekla is getting lonely.

She greets the kids everyday when they get home from school.

And harasses the cats until they play with her.

Dekla: "What about you?! Do you want to play???"

Sawyer: "I want to play! Where's Dekla?"