Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 187

Julissa is a very strange child, she always stands in that corner with the plant to eat her food.

Grayson: "What have I created?!"

Nuvie: "What kind of weird family is this? Why did you place me with this family?"

Trippy: "Don't worry, you get used to these weird Sims."

I think Nuvie picked Odie as her favorite Sim, she follows him around all the time.

Odie: "Okay, I'm going to teach you how to sit, do you know how to sit?"

Nuvie: "What are you talking about?"

James: "Mom, did you forget that you have three other kids?"

James: "I think mom forgot about us."

James: "Hi, you're so cute!"

Nuvie: "And you're very strange, kid."

I don't think the dogs will ever learn.

I think Trippy and Nuvie did something naughty!

Odie: "Wait... does this mean we're going to have puppies soon?! This house is crowded enough!"

Annalee: "Odie is right, how will we even have room to move if Nuvie has puppies?"

Nuvie: "I didn't know there was a cat here!"

Nuvie: "I'm going to have so much fun chasing Emzie around the house!"

Reese maxed out his logic skill so now he's trying to discover all of the potions.

Julissa: "When do I get to discover potions?"

As soon as I think you can do it without blowing yourself up.

Nuvie: "Look at my bum, look at it!"

Odie: "I don't know how kids eat that mushy food!"

Don't throw up on Rory!

Grayson: "Dad almost threw up on my baby?!"

Julissa: "Yawn, it's so boring around here."

A strange child has found its way inside and it's touching things.

Julissa: "Maybe I can find a scary costume and scare that kid away."

Julissa: "RAWR! Is this scary enough?"

Even scary dinosaurs have to make time to play with doggies.

Reese: "When will the pancakes be done? I'm going to be late for school."

The Baudelaire's moved moved back to Hidden Springs and this was the first thing that showed up.

Annalee: "I wonder how we could get rid of that creepy llama mascot? Maybe Reese can create some kind of potion."

Nuvie had two puppies! Meet Elodie and Davin!

Nuvie: "These things are mine?!"

Grayson: "The puppies are cute but they're not as cute as my kids."

Elodie and Davin: "Hahaha! Yeah right, we're cuter than his kids."

Julissa: "Wait... where did those puppies come from?"

A dog just gave birth beside you and you didn't even notice?

Elodie is so cute! I think we will probably end up keeping her.

Emzie: "That's a good choice, I would keep Elodie."

There's not much cuter than two puppies running around the house!

I changed my mind... there's not much cuter than sleeping puppies.

Davin sleeps just like his daddy.

James: "Awww, Davin is so cute."

Kid, go take a bath.

James: "I'm glad I decided to take a bath!"

James: "Mom! There's some creep outside taking pictures!"

Elodie: "Is someone stalking us?!"

Trippy: "Don't worry little pup, you will be stalked for the rest of your life."

James: "Yep, Trippy is right."

James: "And I hate it, quit following us!"

Trippy: "I don't mind as long as my food dish stays full."

Elodie loves her new toys.

Ugly Townie: "That's a really big needle, are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Zoey: "Well, this is my first day on the job so I guess we'll see!"

Ugly Townie: "You should try to find another job!"

Nuvie is our newest family member!