Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 45

The days are just flying by with Rileh, it seems like just yesterday she was born and now it's time for her to learn how to walk.

Ainsley: "C'mon Rileh, you can do it!"

Ainsley: "One more step, almost there!"

Ainsley: "You made it! Yay for Rileh!"

Lynus: "Ewww..."
What are you complaining about now Lynus?

Lucy: "Act cool, just act cool and the plant wont mess with me..."

Liam: "You would think I would be used to the nightly ghosts by now."

Rileh *Stares*

Since Rileh learned how to walk she is all over the house, I don't want her to grow up.

Lanica can entertain herself all day with the wall dancer.

Lanica: "Who turned on that freaky tv thing again?!"

Ainsley: "Good Skyrim, you're such a good little doggy!"

Skyrim has her toys spread all over the house.

Yep... It's birthday time again! Lennox and Caylix are about to be young adults.

Caylix *Cheesy Smile*

Caylix: "So... my birthday is over now, why is everyone still freaking out?"
Lucy: "Hmm... I think she is prettier than me."

These two are perfect for each other, one crazy with another crazy.

Lennox: "Yeah, it's time for my birthday now."

Lennox looks so confident, I can see her going to the top of whatever career she chooses!

She is beautiful, I can't wait for her to get married and have little Baudelaire's.

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