Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 19

Cross eyed and still a cutie.

Mindy loves the babies that she gets to babysit.

Feeding time for the twins, Mindy couldn't have two better babies to care for during the day, when it's time for the parents to come pick them up she doesn't want them to leave.

Maverick: "I have my eyes on you, Henley."

And someone was a birthday boy today! Maverick is growing up, growing up very cute.

His creepy Imaginary Friend, Lilia.

Maverick: "You know what?.. I plan on dominating the world when I grow up"
Lilia * O.o *

Maverick: "Hey, this looks like a great place to play hide and go seek."
I don't think so, Maverick.

Arielle is turning out beautiful!
She reminds me alot of Kimber.

Maverick: "Derp."

Arielle: "That is one strange kid, I have to get out of here."

Liam: "I'm watchin' you, plate.."

Is this an Insane Asylum or something? Every Sim in this house is crazy.

Henley: "Could you get any more weird?"
Arielle *Stares*

Uh oh.. I wonder who set the trap? or who will fall for it?

Awww, poor kid. He almost made it to his room.. not.

She just stands around and stares at everyone and everything.

Arielle: "Ughh, that kid bugs me."
And they used to be so close.

Hudson: "Hmmm.. I wonder where my brain is??"

Hudson: "Aha! I remember now."
No, no you don't Hudson. I don't think you ever had one.

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