Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 17

How sweet.

I always catch that little guy doing something by the tv.

Mindy: "Oh no, I think I am going into labor!"
Henley: "AHHHH!! Don't burn the hamburgers!"

Henley: "What do I do?!"
Go away, that's what you do!

Henley: *Freaks Out Even More*

After 30 minutes of freaking out Mindy was able to get away from Henley long enough to get to the hospital to have the baby, She walked out with a bouncing baby BOY!
Introducing, Maverick Baudelaire!

Hudson: "Hmmmm.. I look pretty good, don't I?"

Arielle just wanders around all day, she doesn't really get into anything.

Baby Maverick got an Imaginary Friend! Her or "its" name is Lilia.

No nobody has died..
Liam went to the cemetery for a field trip for school, I don't ever remember going places like that for a field trip, just a little bit creepy.

Here is something else that is creepy.. That thing moves all over the place, I don't really want it around Maverick.


  1. Sounds pretty intresting, I will definetly be reading, I'm following your blog, hope you can follow mine :) I have house and community lots there,

  2. He He "Don't burn the hamburgers" very catchy

  3. i love this so much!!! how do you get a church and graveyard???

  4. The graveyard is in all towns, you just find it on map view and your Sim can walk there and visit it :)