Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 27

Hudson: "The Little Dipper is in space you know..?"
Lilia: "Sure it is.. man, this old man bores me."

Lynus looks just like Hudson when he plays video games, same facial expression and all.

Maverick: "Yeah, I look good and you know it."

These two are just a little strange.

Maverick and Lynus decided to go swimming at night but that isn't the problem.. Lynus didn't put on his swimming clothes.

Lilia: "Woohoo, yay.. birthdays!"

Time for Ainsley to be a full grown adult!
Ainsley: "Hmmm... what shall I wish for?"

I swear, everyone in this house is a little "off" if you know what I mean...

Lilia: "Haha, I'm gonna tear into this cake after I blow those candles out."

Liam *Annoys everyone in the house with annoying thing*

Hudson: "Birthdays, YAY!!!"

Maverick: "If Ainsley doesn't stop it with that thing behind me.. she doesn't get any cake!"

Maverick: "I wish, I wish... I wish for a....."
After this chapter I have a spin-off story coming with Maverick and Lilia, the Baudelaire's will still be the main legacy family and they will be the center but I will also be working on Maverick and Lilia's story, you will love it, so keep reading! 

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