Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 42

Lanica likes using her fancy new litter box.

Skyrim: "I hope the water isn't too cold!"

Lanica: "I'm glad I'm a cat and not a stinky dog."

You would think since Skyrim is a dog and Lanica is a cat that they wouldn't get along but they are best friends, they are always playing.

Awww, Lanica is grooming herself.

No! Bad kitty, bad!

Lucy: "Ughhh... That Autumn Salad made me sick."

Or was it that Autumn Salad?
Is Lucy sick from a bad salad or could she be pregnant?

Lanica is good about using her scratching post and not the furniture.

Skyrim: "This paper is gonna get it! It looked at me wrong when I peed on it."

Lucy: "Come on Lanica, it's time for your bath."

Lucy: "You. Are. Getting. A. Bath."
I don't think cats like water.

Come on, you just moved to Appaloosa Plains, what will your neighbors think? Put some pants on.

Lynus: "Stupid game, I can never beat it!"
Lanica *Stalks*


  1. :P "YOU. ARE. GETTING. A. BATH!" LMAO That is just hilarious!! I just love this legacy!! I've read it twice and can't get enough I'm thinking of starting my own Legacy just have to figure out where to start. You've inspired me!

    1. That caption was inspired from my own words, I say the same things to my dogs when I bathe them. :P

      I'm glad you love it and I'm so happy to hear I've inspired you, I love to see new legacies so if you decide to start one and share it online I would love to read it. ^_^