Friday, October 21, 2011

The Baudelaire's 2.0 - Chapter 5

After a long and hard delivery, Lilia walked out of the hospital with a bouncing baby girl!! It looks like all of those watermelons paid off.
They decided on a simple and sweet name for their little girl, Chloe Baudelaire.

While Lilia and Chloe were staying at the hospital for a few days after the birth Maverick finished up the nursery, Maverick is a pretty good interior decorator.
Lilia: "Hmmm.. Maverick has a little bit of a womans touch."

Chloe quickly became the center of their lives, they love their baby girl. They couldn't leave her for more than a few minutes at a time, they were always cooing over her.
Lilia: "I love you baby girl."

Maverick: "There you go Chloe, a nice clean diaper and full from some good milk."

- Front -
Lilia and Maverick finally finished the exterior of the house, they love how it has turned out and it fits in perfect with the feel of the neighborhood.

- Back -
They plan on getting a pool once they save up some more money.

- Downstairs -

- Upstairs -

Lilia spent alot of time with Chloe, she knew that socialization was an important part of her little girls life.

The infant days came and went within a blink of an eye and before Maverick and Lilia knew it Chloe's birthday had rolled around, they didn't want Chloe to grow up.

Chloe *Sparkles*

And baby Chloe has now entered the toddler stage, she grew up with Maverick's blonde hair. Her full appearance will be revealed in the next chapter.

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