Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Baudelaire's 2.0 - Chapter 4

After trying for a baby for a few months Lilia felt like this month was the one, she just had that mothers intuition telling her that it was.

A few days later it seemed that everything Lilia ate would upset her stomach, she wasn't sure if it was pregnancy or just some bad food.
Lilia: "Ughh, I feel like I ate a bucket of worms."

Lilia figured it would be best to go down to the hospital to see what was making her so sick lately, she went in hoping for the best but thinking the worst.. She waited a few hours, took a few tests and came home with the best news that she could hope for.. Maverick and Lilia are expecting their first baby!!

Maverick was ecstatic about the news, he could barely contain himself, he couldn't wait to call his Dad back in Sunset Valley and tell him that he was about to be a grandpa again.
Maverick: "Woohoo, a baby! I'm gonna be a Daddy!"

Maverick wanted a boy but Lilia wanted a girl so every chance she got she went down to the market and got some Watermelons, of course she couldn't let Maverick see her eating them since he wanted a boy so badly.
Lilia: "Mmmmm.. Watermelons."

Lilia decided to paint what would be the nursery, she wasn't 100% sure she was having a girl even though she has eaten a truck load of Watermelons so she decided to go with a gender neutral wall color, blue and purple stripes.

Lilia: "This looks awesome, I can't wait for the furniture and then it will be complete!"

- Second Trimester -

Maverick: "Huh, whats that in there?"

Maverick: "Lilia, I can't wait to meet our baby, he or she is going to be beautiful!"

After the wedding all of Twinbrook sent gifts and congratulations, since Lilia was so tired from the pregnancy Maverick decided to do the thank you cards by himself, he actually had alot of fun.

- Third Trimester -
The due date is getting closer and closer!

And baby time is here!
After nine long months the new baby will be here very soon!!
Lilia: "Ohh, now that hurts!!"

Just like the Baudelaire's before him Maverick freaked out during the birth, not making it any easier on Lilia..
Maverick: "Oh my gosh!! What do I do, what do you want me to do?!?"
Lilia: "First of all.. It would be alot better if you would stop freaking out! Second, get me to the hospital!"