Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 102

Heartleigh: "Oh hai, welcome to the next chapter, I shall lead you through with my overwhelming cuteness!"

Hurley: "If any young boys try to mess with my beautiful daughter when she grows up, I'm gonna beat them up!"

No! I'm not ready for you to go!

Piper was taken from us today, she was such an amazing Baudelaire and will never be forgotten!

Piper Baudelaire
 December 18, 2011 - March 25, 2012

Caslyn: "I guess I better make my way inside now."
Hurry up old man, the ice cream truck is after you!
I find it very disturbing that the ice cream truck showed up when someone was dying.

Presleigh" Rawrrrr, I'm a pretty but mean pink dinosaur, fear me!"

Presleigh: "Dude, don't you think it's about time you marry Aunt Caden? Oh and did I mention that I'm a dinosaur?"
Hurley: "You know... this dinosaur kid actually makes sense, I should get married, NOW!"

With this ring and the stalker ice cream truck in the background, I thee wed.
If I wasn't so creeped out by the ice cream truck stalking the Baudelaire's every move I might would have cried a little during this private wedding ceremony.

Hurley: "Come here, Heartleigh! I know that you can do it on your first try!"

Heartleigh and Peyson love to spend time together, I'm so happy that they are close in age.

Time to examine their eating habits...
Peyson: Messy Eater.
Heartleigh: Clean Eater.

**Upcoming: The many adventures of Vegas the Cat.**
Here we see Vegas destroying yet another scratching post.

And here he is just chillin' in his little fish hut.

I don't think I have to explain what's going on here...

Hurley: "No, no, no... Can you say D-O-G?"
Heartleigh: "NO!"

The child days have flown by with Presleigh, party time!

Presleigh: "You with the horn, shove it, and you in your underwear, put some clothes on!"

Ahhh... the joys of teenage mood swings.

Presleigh turned into a beautiful young girl! She won't be heir because Peyson has already been chosen but I can't wait until she moves out and starts a family of her own.

New Kitty In The House: "I'm a ninja cat. I have nine lives, always land on my feet and I DO know kitty karate!"
Vegas: "Bet ya can't beat the super fast moves of Vegas!"

This pretty kitty is here to stay and just might bring some kittens into the household.

Let's not interrupt the kitty love...

Introducing the newest Baudelaire, Reagle!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 101

Caden: "Drink your suspicious green bottle juice baby Heartleigh. You need toxic green milk to grow up to be a strong Baudelaire!"

I swear they DO take showers, just not after they blow theirself up.

Hurley: "How did I let a child beat me at chess, how?!"
I would be more worried about your fried hair and crispy undies if I was you.

Brighton was trying to teach Peyson to talk and she was being just a little difficult.

Are you ready for sparkle time, Kettle?!
Kettle: "No, no sparkle time please."

Kettle: "Do. Not. Approve!"

Kettle: "Now that transition felt strange, very strange."
Well, you look strange.

It's already time for baby Heartleigh's birthday, time flies!
Caden: "Do... do I hear an annoying person? I think I do!"

Hurley: "Birthday, yayyyy....."
It looks like we have a party pooper on our hands.


Here's the beautiful and precious Heartleigh! I can tell she's going to take after her Daddy with his dark hair, dark skin and red eyes.

Heartleigh: "I'm watchin' you, Peyson."

Peyson: "Are you just going to let her continue to stalk me?!"

Caslyn: "Oh yeah, they love me, they all LOVE me."

Caslyn is rocking that gray hair and awesome cane!
Caslyn: "I'm sexy and I know it.."

Piper: "What is that freaky thing that Heartleigh is playing with?!"

I love these two little girls! I think they're going to grow up and be best friends, I can't wait to see them when they're older, they will be beautiful! 

Hurley: "I love my little clone baby girl, you are going to grow up to look and act just like Daddy, yes you are!"

Oh please don't let her grow up to be as strange as him, she already has those insane Baudelaire genes working against her.

Hurley: "What? Me strange? Nah, I'm normal, you just have a different view on things."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 100 (Introducing Generation 10!)

Meet Feathers!
He is the Baudelaire's new birdy.

Koda: "Oooh, a pretty birdy."

Vegas: "Time to sharpen up my claws just in case I get a chance to take out that bird... mwahaha."

Koda: "The people got a bird, we need to find a way to get it!"
Dreyfus: "Ahh, yes. Tell me more about this bird."

Cylee: "Look at that goober over there freaking out."

Hurley: "Awesome, I love birthdays!"
I can tell.

Maddox: "Dude, seriously... do you mind?"

Maddox *Thinks*
Presleigh: "Just go already, you know I'm going to beat you no matter what."

*Sparkly Puppy Time*

Eureka: "Where did these things come from?!"
I'm not going to go into that right now, Eureka.

And the Baudelaire's decided to keep this little guy, Kettle!

Such a cutie, I can already picture shredded furniture.

Koda: "I'm a Daddy?!"

Nooo, don't go into the light!

Hurley: "I can tell the baby likes me already, it kicked when I put my hand on your tummy!"

Caden: "Do you ever get this strange feeling that we are being watched?"
Hurley: "Nah, you're just being paranoid."

Caden: "Hurley, we live together, have a family in the making and love each other very much so why don't we make this official..?"
Hurley: "Are you about to do what I think you are about to do?!"

Hurley: "I've dreamed of this day ever since I was a little boy, yes I will marry you, Caden!"

*Does A Happy Dance*
I can't wait until generation 10 is here!

Vegas: "Ahhh... we meet again my feathery friend."

Time for Peyson's birthday!
Umm... Cylee, I think your boobies are squishing Peyson.

Presleigh: "Another birthday? Eugh. If she turns out cute that means I'm out of the race for heir."

Koda: "Birthday, birthday, BIRTHDAY!!!"

Caden: "Puh lease, lets just get this over with and be excited about MY baby."
Brighton: "Hey, that's my baby you're talking about."

Koda: "Okay, I'm a dog and even I know you aren't supposed to leave babies on the floor."


LOVE this little girl, I think Peyson will be the next little Heiress on Cylee's side!
Peyson: "Really?!"

Peyson: "What's this "heiress" thing that you speak of?"

Maddox: "Can all of you loons shut up while I try to think about my wish?"

Somebody grew up to be a handsome young man, I see so much of Cylee in him.

Cylee: "Seriously, you two are grossing me out."

Cylee: "I love my baby girl and it looks like you are going to love purple like me."
Peyson: "Well, my eyes are purple, my hair has purple in it and my clothes are covered in purple... if I don't like purple there's something strange going on around here."

Nooo, not my sweet Dreyfus!
Dreyfus has been around for so long and made many big moves with the Baudelaire's, he will be missed but will live on in his offspring!

January 28, 2012 - March 22, 2012

Caden: "I think it's time for this legacy to make it to generation 10 now!"
Maddox and Presleigh: "What do we do?!?"
You cheer that generation 10 is here!

And with these sparkles I bring you generation 10, I can't believe the Baudelaire's finally made it, the journey seems like it took forever but then again it was so short and full of crazy Baudelaire moments! The Baudelaire's are NOT ending here, I'm looking forward to generation 20!

Introducing Heartleigh Baudelaire, generation 10!

Heather: "Are you happy that you finally got your little "legacy" to 10 generations?"

Yep, and now we continue to generation 20!

Kettle: "Lemme sniff you, little girl."
Peyson: "Puppieeez."