Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 200

Why are you having lunch with a bunch of strangers?

Atley: "They had burgers and I was hungry."

Atley: "What if the burger was poisoned???"

Atley: "I think I need to get away from these people."

Atley was still hungry so he decided to roast some marshmallows.

Atley: "What kind of marshmallow stick is this? I almost poked my eye out."

Time for a little fun before we head home.

The house looks so beautiful with the lights on it.

Atley: "You followed me to the park and then you followed me home, are you stalking me?"

Atley: "Because if you are I can give you a map of where I go every day to make it easier for you."

Isaac: "Why is this dog sleeping on the hard floor when there is a bed in the other room?"

Valerie: "Time to play in the snow, yay!"

Valerie: "It's too cold out here, this stinks."

Wow, he's a lot better at that than I thought he would be.

Watch out!

Atley is awesome at pretty much everything he does.

Except for trying to be a normal Sim.

Maisy: "You went snowboarding without me? How could you?!"

Maisy: "That light is hideous!"

Atley: "Why is mom so grouchy today?"

Valerie: "I shouldn't have eaten a big meal before getting on here!"

Zoey: "It's snowing."

Oh, you finally noticed.

Valerie: "I'm about to become even more awesome."

Valerie: "Nobody told me becoming more awesome felt so strange!"

Valerie is our heir! Stay tuned to find out who our next heir is, we're doing double this time!

Theo: "This snow tastes so good!"

Elodie: "I am not related to him."

Many years of marriage and 5 kids later they are still so in love.

Maisy: "He still loves me, that's so romantic."

Adam: "This house is just so beautiful, I can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life here."

Put some clothes on, it's time to meet your future husband.

Adam: "Whoa! I was told you would be fully dressed."

Adam: "But, you know what? I like you better with less clothes on."

Of course you do.

Valerie: "I told you it would be better if I wore less clothes."

Who is this long eared little cutie? She's here to have puppies with Theo.

Atley: "Let's get you groomed and ready to meet your new girlfriend."

Stop farting in front of your future husband!

Valerie: "I can't help it, it just slipped out."

Adam: "Take that!"

Valerie: "Haha, just wait until I get my pillow revenge."

Adam: "Does she have bricks in that pillow?!"

Adam: "I love a woman that knows how to pillow fight!"

Valerie: "Never hit me with a pillow again, got it?!"

Adam: "Okay, I didn't know you didn't like that."

Valerie: "You do what I tell you to do from now on."

The karaoke machine is a big hit with everyone.

Adam: "I got you babe..."

Valerie: "His singing really sucks."

Adam: "Why is she so mean to me?"

Catching some Z's.

Wyatt: "Look at my beautiful plate of food!"

Adam will be our new Baudelaire soon! I think he's perfect for Valerie.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 199

Atley: "Captain, I think I see land!"

Atley is a very imaginative little boy.

Bria: "Atley, mom wants you to come inside and eat dinner."

Atley: "Tell mom I said never! Mwahahaha!"

Bria: "ATLEY!"

Bria: "I'm telling mom!"

Rowan: "My big sissy is the only one around here that holds me."

Theo snuck into the nursery to give kisses to Rowan.

Back away slowly and maybe it won't notice.

Atley: "This tastes awesome, I don't know why we don't buy ice cream more often."

Spooky Day is here! It's time for Atley to head to the park for some fun.

Uh oh.

Atley: "I'm never going in a haunted house again."

Atley: "Do you have any candy? I would like something with a ton of sugar in it."

It's time for Bria to age up and be set free into the world!

She reminds me so much of Maisy in the face, she's so pretty.

Valerie: "She's finally leaving, I get the big bed now!"

Bria: "I can't believe Valerie is happy I'm leaving, I thought she loved me."

Valerie: *Buuurrrppp*

Atley: "My sister is so nasty!"

Valerie: "Phew, that one smelled."

Valerie: "That's awesome."


Atley: "Why does he get to age up and I don't?!"

There's our adorable, derpy boy!

Don't leave us, Grayson!
Grayson: "This place is insane, I'm leaving at a good time."

Grayson Baudelaire
May 10, 2013 - July 28, 2013

Atley: "What's happening to grandpa?!"

Atley: "It's finally time for my birthday!"

Rowan: "Awesome!"

Rowan: "Dude, what's happening?"

Atley: "I don't know but it feels strange!"

Atley: "I got more awesome, that's what was happening."

It just sits there ALL day long.

Oooh, it looks like Atley met someone.

He's trying to impress her with his rocket.

Even I'm impressed!

Chelsie: "My parents always told me there was someone watching us, do you see them?"

Atley: "Ah, I think I do."

I guess you can say there was fireworks between the two of them.

It's such a beautiful night for a date!

Maisy: "It's midnight, turn this thing off and send your girlfriend home!"

Atley: "I want to ask you something... will you be my girlfriend?"

Chelsie: "Only if you promise to kiss me."

It looks like they're boyfriend and girlfriend now!

Maisy is teaching Isaac how to be really strange.

Maisy: "No, no, no... you have to make your face look really derpy."

Maisy: "This isn't another disgusting video like last time, is it?"

Atley: "Nope."

Maisy: "Atley! Will you stop showing me those videos."

Isaac: "Hahaha, I love it when Atley does that."

Maisy: "I think I'm going to be sick."

Atley: "What? It's not THAT gross."

Maisy: "That's it, if you do it again I'm taking your phone away!"

Isaac: "Mom doesn't know how to take a joke."

Atley is really good at basketball!

I spoke too soon.

Atley: "I think I broke my butt!"

Maisy: "Stop getting drunk on bubbles and watch your kids."

Elodie: "Hey, have you noticed the food dish is empty? It's not going to fill itself."