Monday, October 10, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 24

Nice guitar... could he look any happier?

Maverick: "Will you stop with the stupid pink guitar?!"

Maverick: "*GASPS* Did I just say that?"

Maverick: "I hope I didn't wake this baby gnome in the corner up."

Uh oh... what do we have here? Could Ainsley be pregnant again or is it just something that upset her stomach?

Ainsley: *Sniffles - Cries*

Ainsley: "I don't know why Mindy had to leave us so soon."
Ainsley seems to be taking Mindy's death the hardest, I don't understand why though, they didn't know each other for long.

Hudson: "Ainsley, it's going to be okay! We will all make it through Mindy's death together, we are the Baudelaire's, the Baudelaire's can make it through anything together!"
Ainsley: "I guess."
Ainsley decided to spend some quality time with Lynus to take her mind off of things for a little while, mommy loves her little boy.

Lilia: "Stupid dishwasher always breaking! Why even have a dishwasher if it's always broken?!"

Maverick: "Yay for broken dishwashers"
Sometimes I don't know about some of the Sims in this house.

Liam: "Come to daddy, you can do it, Lynus!"
Time to teach Lynus to walk, he can't crawl around forever.

Almost there...

And he made it!

*Jumps for joy*

Woohoo time for a birthday! No, not that woohoo..

Hudson: "Oh, it feels strange to be old."

Hudson: "Man, my fingernails look nice today."
Strange Sims I tell you, strange.

Hudson's aging up had a big effect on Ainsley, it made her think of Mindy, she must miss Mindy a LOT.

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  1. Ah, soooooo strange Sims ! But what should Sims be if they aren't strange ? :')
    Your legacy is just so coooool ! Let's read more :D

    Crazy Lama