Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Baudelaire's 2.0 - Chapter 7

Lilia: "Alright, it is time to make a doctors appointment for Chloe. I have to make sure my little girl is developing the way she should."

Lilia: "Hi, I am calling to make an appointment for my daughter, her name is Chloe Baudelaire. Yes, 2:00 pm is fine, we will be there."

Lilia: "Okay, lets get you ready for your appointment."
Chloe: "NO!!"
Lilia: "Why have you been fighting me with everything Chloe?"

Lilia: "We are going to find out why you have been so shy, maybe the doctor will be able to give us some tips to help you come out of your shell a little bit."

Lilia (thinking to herself)
"Maybe Chloe is just very shy, maybe nothing too bad is wrong. What if something horrible is wrong? What will we do if our baby girl has something wrong with her?"

Lilia: "After we walk in those doors there is no turning back, we will have our answer no matter how good or bad it is, lets just hope for the best, I have never been so afraid in my life."


After the doctors appointment Chloe just wanted to go home and snuggle with her Teddy Bear, she was wore out after a long day at the doctor.

Lilia: "I can't believe the news we got today, how will this effect Chloe in the long run? Will she be able to come out of this and over come? The doctor said that only a small percent of children are diagnosed with it, I just can't believe it."

Chloe: "Teddy, Mommy?"

Lilia: "Chloe had her doctors appointment today, there is some good and some very bad news."

Maverick: "Well, what is it? Is my Chloe Bear okay?!"
Lilia: "The doctors diagnosed her with Selective Mutism."

Maverick: "What?! What is Selective Mutism? How does it effect her?"
Lilia: "Selective Mutism or SM for short is an anxiety disorder in which a person, most often a child, who is normally capable of speech is unable to speak in given situations, or to specific people. Selective Mutism usually co-exists with shyness or (often severe) social anxiety. There is nothing mentally or physically wrong, SM is just a severe social anxiety, Chloe can function completely normal at home but once she is put into a public situation where she needs to speak she will shut down and be unable to speak."

Maverick: "Is there anything we can do?"
Lilia: "The doctor said in most cases if you work with your child with SM they will eventually grow out of it but she could deal with this her whole life, it a social anxiety so Chloe is going to deal with this anytime she is around someone."

Lilia: "I just feel so helpless, what did I do wrong to cause this with Chloe, what could I have done different?"
Maverick: "Its not your fault, it is not anybodys fault. Chloe was born with this social anxiety, it just progressed and got worse as she got older, all we can do now is help our daughter overcome this."
Lilia: "I love you, Maverick."


  1. I think it's awesome that you are writing about this. I had never heard of this type of anxiety and this is a good way to bring awareness to it. I know you said you had an interesting storyline for 2.0 but seriously Amber, I wasn't expecting this. Looking forward to seeing how Chloe copes.

  2. I wanted to do something alot different than most stories and I felt like I should bring awareness to Selective Mutism, this story is very important to me so I want to write it the best that I can. It is going to get better the older Chloe gets.

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