Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 227

Peyton: "Give me the cake now!"

I don't think Peyton wants to wait to blow out the candles, let's get this party started!

Peyton: "Yay for derpy parties!"

Zora: "Strange kid, I think I'll stay away from him."


Still as derpy and excited as always!

Peyton: "I'm still derpy, yes!"

Tillie: "Does that kid have some kind of problem or what?"

He was born a Baudelaire, that's his problem.

Ean: "That kid in the weird hat got my piece of cake."

Kylianne: "Can I have Grandpa's cake too?!"

Ellora is still floating around town granting Sims inner beauty, only a few more to go and she will complete her Lifetime Wish!

Ellora: "You look gorgeous! Yeah... gorgeous, we'll go with that."

Yeah... gorgeous.

Brooke: "Once upon a time this beautiful girl agreed to marry into the strangest family ever, she lived a happy but completely crazy life..."

Indigo: "Gasp, that's so scary! I hope that never happens to me."

You're a man... and already married.

It doesn't get much nastier than this.

Indigo: "Time for bed, baby girl. I'll be in to check on you and tuck you in later."

Kylianne: "But I want a hug, kiss, bed time story, milk, and to sleep in your bed with you and mommy."

Gnome: "What's up? You don't want me to leaf you alone, do you?"

Purple Guy: "Are you sure this is safe?"

Cheyenne: "Just get in the box and shut up."

Cheyenne: "And now for my next trick I will stick these in the box and hopefully hit this dude! I mean hopefully not..."

Cheyenne: "Yes... I hope I don't hit him."

I think Cheyenne has an evil side we've never seen.

Purple Guy: "I survived!"

Cheyenne: "Darn."

Adalynn: "That wasn't half bad."

Time for a quick shower before school!

Emmie: "Look at my awesome buns... I mean bun."

Owen wasn't into the logic skill or painting so he decided to try cooking, I think he found his hobby.

Owen: "I just need to whisk until it's fluffy."

Owen: "I hope I whisked that enough."

Peyton loves playing chess, I see many explosions in his future.

Yeah, like this!

Peyton: "Forget chess, I don't want fried hair like Uncle Indi."

Oh no, it's big and can walk now!

Patches: "It's me, Patches, don't you remember throwing me in the trash?"

Owen: "Ha ha, yeah..."

Emmie: "That creepy thing is back?!"

Ahhh! They're taking over!

Peyton: "Someone please call and get a straight jacket sent here, I think we need it."

Kylianne: "Haha, once Peyton is out of the picture that means I'm up for heir."

Peyton: "Kylianne is trying to take my spot for heir? I don't think so."

Patches: "Wanna play? We can cook something and leave the stove on."

Tillie: "I wish I would have chewed that thing up when I had a chance."

Peyton: "Peek-a-Boo! It's the heir, you'll never be heir."


Such a sweet moment ruined by that creeper.

Kylianne: "Promise I'm not peeking!"

I don't think she will ever play Peek-a-Boo again after opening her eyes and seeing the creeper standing there.

I just love their relationship!

Take the craziness somewhere else, don't rub it off on the young ones.

The garden hasn't been doing so good so Ellora spent a little while tending to it.

Owen: "Yay, we will have fresh fruit soon!"

Ean: "Why is the kid happy? All of the plants are half dead."

No fresh fruit but we will have fresh fish!

Ean: "That's right, I bring home the bacon fish."