Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 55

Lynus: "Where did you come from?"

Matthew: "So, did you like the birthday parties?"

Rileh: "No, NO I did not!"
Rileh has a bit of a temper, she dislikes a LOT of things.

Matthew: "Whoa, whoa, calm down Rileh!"

Matthew: "I do love you Rileh, I want to be with you."

Rileh: "I love you too, Matthew!"

I can't wait for the new baby Baudelaire to be here!

Everyone in the house is getting along with Matthew, they seem to really like him.

Kieran: "That's right, I'm awesome."

Who said you were awesome?

Boscoe: "What's that? Who is awesome?"

Kieran: "Who is my baby doggy? Boscoe is my baby doggy!"
Kieran loves Boscoe, he likes to follow her around too.

Kieran: "Oh my gosh, I didn't see you there plant, you startled me!"
The Baudelaire's seem to be afraid of plants for some reason.

Skyrim loves living right by the river, she can go out and get a drink whenever she wants to.

Lanica: "Almost.There.So.Close."

Lanica: "Ahhh... now that is the spot!"
I'm so glad that Lanica can't fall off to the floor below.

Boscoe! Such a great addition to the family!

I think we all know this face by now, the last baby of generation 6 is about to be born!

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 54

Rileh: "Ughhh, I hate the new house!"

Lennox: "I like it, I can streeeeeetch."

Lennox: "And maybe even partayy!"

The happiness about the new house didn't last long before the  Grim Reaper came for Liam. Liam was a great husband, father and grandfather. He will be missed very much by his family and all of Appaloosa Plains.

Lynus: "DAD!"

The Baudelaire's are heart broken over Liam's death, he was such a major part in the family and they won't be getting over his death any time soon, he was so important to them.

Skyrim is getting much older also, she is such a great and well behaved doggy!

Lucy: "YES! Paintbrushes!"
Random much, Lucy?

Kieran: "The new baby is garbage!"

Nice graduation outfit Rileh, very nice.

Since Skyrim and Lanica are getting a lot older I decided that it's time to introduce a new pet into the family. Meet Boscoe, he's the newest member of the family!

Skyrim and Boscoe hit it off, they are already best friends!

They do everything together, from running around the house and swimming in the pool.

Rileh: "Help! Someone clean my plate for me!"

The newest Baudelaire will be here soon!

Boscoe: "Hey kid, want to share some of that with me?"

Well, who is this?
He is someone that Rileh met on her way home from graduating, he has just stuck around since and is getting very close to Rileh.

Introducing, Matthew Rocher!

Jocelyn *Gasp* "It's my birthday!"

Like mother, like daughter.

Happy Birthday to baby Jocelyn!

Everyone and their Ghost makes and appearance for birthday parties.

Lynus: "J-j-just act like that ghost isn't there!"


Jocelyn has those Baudelaire blue eyes! and of course the crazy mind of a Baudelaire.

Kieran's birthday is here too!
Kieran: "Hmmm."

Kieran: "Thats right, I sparkle, you don't."

Kieran: "Oh yeah, be jealous of my sparkles."

Rileh: "Boo to sparkles!"
Of course Rileh is going to give a thumbs down to everything.

Kieran has turned out beautiful! She looks so much like Lennox.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 53

Rileh's birthday is here! She has grown up in the blink of an eye.

Lucy *Acts Crazy*
Lynus: "Are you crazy? That's my job."

There's never a dull moment around here but you have to love the Baudelaire's for their craziness, right?

Rileh as a Young Adult, she is beautiful!

Uh oh... Is Lennox pregnant, again?

Lynus: "Lennox can't be pregnant, we are pushing the limit already!"

Jocelyn is such a cutie, she reminds me so much of Lynus.

A few random gnomes just chillin' in the yard nothing unusual about that.

Skyrim spends almost every minute of the day outside chasing that ball around, I love Skyrim.

Lynus: "Stupid phone ringing in this ugly orange room."

Rileh: "Look Kieran, we're about to move out of this cramped house."

Rileh: "To a nice big spacious house, it's far out."

I've decided to move the Baudelaire's, again. Their house seemed like it was getting smaller and smaller and it just didn't fit them anymore, I moved them to the outside of town by the river in a nice big 5 bedroom house.