Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 41

Liam: "Haha, look at that funny column!"
He gets enjoyment out of anything.

It looks like the Baudelaire weirdness is already rubbing off on Lucy.

Lynus: "I don't like the new house, I miss the old house."
Too bad.

Lucy: "What are you looking at?!"
Lynus: "I can't tell."

Lennox has decided to teach Skyrim how to hunt, you would think she would take him outside to do it.

Lynus: "Hang on just one minute, I have a surprise for you."

Lynus: "Lucy, I know we haven't known each other long but... Will you marry me?"
Lucy: "Yes, I love you and that nice shiny ring!"

- Lucy O'Connor (soon to be Baudelaire) -
Cat Person

He is just a weirdo, he runs around all day doing some of the strangest stuff.

Caylix: "Nobody wants to build a sandcastle with me."

Lanica loves to play.

I think she is why Liam was running, she was chasing him.

Lynus *Talks About Conspiracies*

Lucy: "Huh, what?! I can't believe it!"

Lynus: "Mwahahahaha!"
Lucy: "Hahahaha!"
Lennox: "Can't you two take your world domination plans somewhere else?"

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