Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 358

They're a handful but so worth it.

Aurora: "I did it!"

Phoenix loves animals.

And the animals love her!

Or maybe it's all of the treats she feeds them?

Phoenix: "They only want me for my treats?"

Indi is always busy working out if she's not working.

Take a shower before handling the children!

Phoenix: "Mom, you stink!"

Novak: "I think you smell good."

Lemmie sleeps in the empty spot in Indi's bed.


Brenner: "I was going to eat that."

Harloe: "I can't rip his head off."

Harloe: "So I'll gnaw it off."

Novak is enjoying the view.

And I'm admiring Kato's markings.

Indi: "Don't leave, I promise I can perform better."

Indi: "At least I think I can."

Indi: "What if I can't?!"

That looks safe.

Indi: "Impressed?"

Cadienne: "So what do we do now?"

Phoenix is using her umbrella for the first time after school.

And Felix is enjoying the fresh air while doing homework.

Cadienne: "The air isn't so fresh here, this garbage stinks."

Huxley: "Grandma took out the garbage!"

That does not look fun!

Party time!

He's looking more and more like his dad!

Weston: "Your painting is looking better than mine."

Fantasia: "I think I'm being followed."

Kato: "So do you have treats or not?"

Weston: "He has a dirty diaper!"

Ellis: "I hope I don't have to change it!"

Ellis: "That kid is creepy."

A new kitty just wandered in!

I think she's here for Lemmie.

Ellis: "Isn't that cute???"

Her name is Cammie! She will be Lemmie's mate but she's not staying, she will have kittens and be rehomed since the household is so full.

Kittens are on the way!

Lemmie: "Let me groom you."

Pregnancy is tiring.

I love that her broom has training wheels.

Novak: "Do I get to ride a broom?"

Huxley loves his siblings!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 357


Adorable! But wait, where did that hair come from?!

Harloe: "You will never know..."


Novak looks just like Indi as a toddler!


Another one with that hair???

At least the hair is cute.

Harloe: "We make the hair cute!"

Ellis: "She doesn't look like the other kids."

Cadienne: "This one does."

Ellis: "Well, this one doesn't either."

Cadienne: "Do the triplets have a different dad?!"


Learning to walk!

And done!

I forgot how hard it is to care for triplets!

Ellis: "Tell me about it."

Both girls can walk!

Brenner: "Novak can too!"

Templeton: "Chase me!"

Minty: "He's too hyper."

Kato: "I drank out of the toilet!"

At least he peed outside.

Weston: "Hahahaha, I love this room."

Feeding time!

Aurora: "This tastes so good!"

Indi: "I'm home from work, time to see my kids."

Harloe is learning to potty!

Indi: "I think I'll wait to see Harloe."

Indi: "The potty is nasty!"

Novak: "This old man won't stop talking to me."

Brenner: "He's rude."

Stop ignoring Harloe.

Harloe: "Someone give me attention and clean the potty!"

She's a happy baby now!

That bun is too cute!

The twins spend most of their free time working on their logic skill.

But they make time to preside over the royal court too.

I'm so thankful for so many elders!

Weston has been the best caretaker so far.

Phoenix: "What's in here?"

Phoenix: "RAWWWWRRR!"

Phoenix: "I will stomp on everything."

Felix: "I want to be a dinosaur."

Felix: "I'm an astronaut instead."

Always busy!

Cadienne: "Please learn how to talk so I can go paint."

Aurora isn't really getting it.