Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 345

Wow, Cadienne has a lot of things to collect, there must be a spawner here.

Cadienne: "Well you need to delete it because this is too much!"

The dogs love the basement, I'm not sure why.

Brenner got a dragon egg, I wonder what color it will be!

Brenner: "Hello, little egg!"

Weston caught a shrew! They have so many minor pets now.

Indi: "Can I rip this thing apart?"

Cadienne is an animal lover, the pets always want belly rubs from her.

Brenner: "There's so many butterflies in Isla Paradiso!"


It's a black dragon!

His name is Dragonfly, he will be Brenner's buddy.

Sleepy dragon, he reminds me of my Beardie. 


Chaos is an elder! I wasn't ready for this.

The kids always spend some time playing after school.

Of course Bella has to play with the creepy thing.

Templeton: "Here's another lizard, this is the third one I've seen today."

Brenner: "You're a cute little dragon."

It's pretty creepy when you hear something outside and scroll by the window and see this thing standing there.

Zombie: "Braaaaiiinnnns, I want BRAINS."

You might want to check somewhere else.

Chaos: "The zombie is going to get me!"

Max: "I see someone being brushed back there, I'm next."

Bella: "Templeton is a good boy, you get a treat!"

Chaos: "Someone left the tv on, it's running up the electric bill!"

Lynk: "It's my birthday!"


Lynk is cute with his wild hair!

Indi: "I want some wild hair!"

Minnie: "Who is this? Is it time for me to get a mate?"

Yes, yes it is!

I can't believe it's already time for Minnie to get a mate and have kittens!

This is Fantasia, hopefully he passes on some of the yellow coloring to the kittens. You can download Fantasia on Catlover800's blog.

Templeton: "You're new here, I would like to say hello!"

Templeton: "Come here and say hello!"

Fantasia: "Hello."

Templeton: "He actually did it, I think I have a new best friend."

Templeton: "Let's play!!!"

Fantasia is adorable!

Fantasia: "You're absolutely correct."

Of course he has to watch the fishy.

Fantasia: "Just watch, not eat."

Fantasia's traits!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 344

Leighton loves the new party room, the last house didn't have one.

Indo: "Party room, I want to party."

Cadienne: "You're setting a bad example for my kids."

Leighton wasn't partying, she was working out like she always is.

Indi is working hard on her skills, she's a little genius. 

Indi: "If I was a genius you would get me a bottle."

Indi: "I guess I am!"

Bella: "It's my birthday!"


Bella is growing into her eyes! She's looking more and more like Leighton.

Brenner and Cadienne decided to take a break from the twins.

Cadienne: "Look at my foot."

Cadienne: "My foot is gorgeous."

They're such a cute couple.

The Baudelaire's moved to Isla Paradiso!

The view from their backyard is awesome!

Indi: "I wanted to stay in Appaloosa Plains!"

Indi: "This place is too tropical."

Cadienne: "It is not too tropical here! Laggy maybe."

I think there's a bit of a traffic jam here.

Cadienne decided to take Indi out to play in the ocean.

I think she loves it!

Chaos loves her new bed in the new house, it's cozy.

Cadienne: "What is this?"

Cadienne: "How does it work?"

Cadienne: "Whoa! It's a futuristic computer."

Cadienne: "This thing is sweet."

Brenner: "I bet my waffles will be sweeter."

Isla Paradiso is so peaceful at night.

Max likes to groom before bed.

Out of all of the beds in the house he decides to sleep on the floor in the basement. 

Bella: "Say hello to your queen of Isla Paradiso!"

Ellis can break boards but he can't keep up with Leighton.

I hope he can't keep up with her craziness and stink.

Chaos: "You look like you would smell like grapes."

Brenner: "Brushing dogs is evil, hehehe."

Cadienne: "Help, Brenner thinks everything is evil!"

Ellis: "I think I'm almost ready to compete in Shang Simla."

Be quiet before you wake up Cadienne!

Ellis: "Ooops, I didn't realize she was sleeping!"

Stop playing the guitar and get back to painting!

Weston: "That's exactly what I wanted to do!"

The first rain in Isla Paradiso! This world is so pretty.