Friday, February 2, 2018

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 354

Indi: "It goes there."

Huxley: "No it doesn't."

Indi is pregnant again!

Huxley: "I wanted to be the only baby!"

Huxley: "So I could be heir."

Cadienne: "She's pregnant again?"

Brenner: "No more babies!"

Indi likes to stay fit even while pregnant.

I think she's the first parent to spend time with her kids in a long time!

Huxley: "I can walk!"

Aliens are here!

Lux: "Aliens?"

Lux: "Someone help!"

Lux: "Traveling to space is tiring."

Alien: "Tell me about it."

I hope he's not pregnant!

Indi is very pregnant!

Huxley: "Hi, dada!"


Cadienne: "Ow, my back!"

Cadienne is a cute old lady.

Indi: "Did you feel the baby kick?"

It's time!!!

Indi: "I have another baby?!"

Indi had another boy! Introducing, Felix Baudelaire!

TWINS! I'm so happy to have multiples again.

Introducing, Phoenix Baudelaire!

Indi: "I'm so happy he's helping."

Cadienne: "Templeton is aging up, hahaha."


Templeton is an elder!

Cadienne: "Hahaha."

It's not funny.

Ellis: "It's my turn!"

Ellis is an adorable old man.


Are you serious? He is SO CUTE! He is a good mix of his grandparents.

That mohawk is perfect on him.


This is the cutest set of twins! Phoenix is perfect!

I love her hair and eye color together.


So many birthdays!

Lemmie: "When is my birthday?"

I think I will take a million pictures of the twins.

Felix: "A million?"

He's back on his phone...

But still caring for his kids!

Phoenix: "I want to use a phone too."

Felix: "Who needs a phone when you have blocks?"

Phoenix: "And dancing!"

Cadienne: "Can you say that grandma is the best?"

Felix: "But... you're not?"

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 353 (Introducing Generation 32!)

Indi: "Let's play!"

Lemmie: "Why?! You never want to play!"

I always feel so bad giving the pets away, goodbye Juno!

Kato is enjoying the doggy heir life.

It's almost time!

Lux: "She's pregnant?"

Lux: "Oh, I need to blog about it."

Indi: "Stay off of your phone!"

Lux: "You have some raging pregnancy hormones."

Indi: "No, I just don't tolerate you on your phone all the time."

Indi got so mad she went into labor!

Lux: "Eww, your water broke on the carpet!"

Lux Blogging: "Wife in labor, will try to get pics."

Indi: "I don't think so!"

Indi: "Let's get this over with!"

The first baby of generation 32 is a boy! Introducing, Huxley Baudelaire!

Finally off of his phone and loving on his child.

Indi: "You've spent less time on your phone since Huxley was born, I'm proud of you."

Lux: "Thanks, it means a lot."

Lux: "I love you and really want this to work."

Indi: "I love you too, I want us to work out and have a huge family."

And he went in for the kiss!

Oooh, and a dip kiss. Romantic!

It's such a pretty evening in Sunlit Tides!

I could take a million scenery pictures.

Pigeon butt!

Indi: "You've done so well lately, I've decided to ask you a question."

Lux: "Are you asking me what I think you are?!"

Indi: "Yes, will you marry me?"

They're officially married!

Indi: "It's your birthday!"


Huxley looks just like Lux!

Well, maybe not JUST like him.

Weston is in charge of potty training.

And teaching him how to talk.

Weston: "That's disgusting!"

Huxley: "No it's not."

Huxley: "You're just jealous."

Indi: "I love him."

Indi: "Wait, is he back on his phone?"

Indi: "It makes me sick to see that phone."

Indi: "I think I will vomit!"

He's so cute!

Huxley: "Don't forget it."


I can't wait to see what future babies look like!

Lux Blogging: "The creator is talking about future babies, I'm getting worried."