Monday, June 11, 2018

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 356

Indi: "Must keep abs even though I'm pregnant."

Indi: "Pizza sounds a lot better though!"


Kato aged up! He's an angry doggy.

Kato: "What are you looking at???"

Kato: "I'm not angry."

Kato: "I'm just misunderstood."

Kato always looks angry but he likes to cheer Indi up!

She's so pretty!

Indi: "You're a sweet boy."

Felix: "I love my sheep."

Felix: "Where did it go?"

Felix: "I want my sheep!"

Getting big!

They're bonding over ripping heads off of dolls.

Kato: "I heard something outside!"

Kato: "I know I heard something."

Kato: "But I don't see anything."

Kato: "Maybe it was ghosts!"

I guess Kato doesn't care... nap time.

Apparently both twins are witches like their dad!

Phoenix: "I got my toy back."

Phoenix: "But now it's gone again?"

Kato: "You will get through this."

Kato: "Maybe this is what I heard last night?"

They're confused when it happens but they keep doing it.

Nap wars.

Kato: "This food dish is mine, all of the others are too."

Kato: "Have you been in my food dish?"

Kato: "Let's go play!"

Kato: "I need to run off some energy!"

Indi works so hard but still finds time for her kids.

Because she's awesome!

Indi: "Labor isn't awesome!"

It's a boy! Introducing, Novak Baudelaire!

Indi: "I just had another baby?!"

But wait, there's another! Introducing, Aurora Baudelaire!

And another?! Indi had triplets!

Introducing, Harloe Baudelaire!

I can see this will be difficult.

But Cadienne is here to help!

Lemmie: "I'm here to help too."


The twins aged up just in time! Less toddlers and babies to care for.


Phoenix: "I can feed myself now!"

She looks a lot like Indi, I think it's her eyes.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 355

Phoenix: "What does this do?"

Phoenix: "Do you eat it?"

He even wakes up to blog.

Indi: "Why are all of the lights on?"

Indi: "You're blogging again? How could you?"

Lux: "Ugh, this again."

Indi: "Yes, THIS again!"

Indi: "Remember your promise? You said you would only blog once a day and then stop completely!"

Lux: "You're asking too much, Indi! It's just blogging, what harm does it do?!"

Indi: "A lot! You're up all hours of the night waking me up, you never help with the children or around the house, I'm busy working so you should help the grandparents with the kids!"

Lux: "Look, I'm tired of being yelled at every time I touch my phone!"

Lux: "This is it, I don't want to live here anymore."

Indi: "Fine!"

Indi: "You can leave, I don't want to see you again."

Lux: "I'll pack my things."

At least Indi has her happy kids to cheer her up.

Happy AND cute!

Ellis: "Don't worry, I'll be here for you."

So peaceful.

I love that they're on the same schedule.

Except Huxley, I think he's always awake.

The paparazzi is here!

Paparazzi: "Oooh, good shot."

Weston: "Is he taking pictures... of ME?"

Grim is here for Minnie! I thought she had a little longer on her lifespan.

Minnie Baudelaire
October 17, 2015 - January 25, 2016

I always feel so bad for the pets.

Indi: "I'm a single mom of 3 kids!"

She's not single, she has a lot of help!

Cadienne: "Good job!"

The twins are learning fast!

Brenner: "Why does this keep happening?!"

Templeton loves hugs!

Templeton: "And treats, don't forget treats!"

Indi: "I don't feel so good."

Could she be pregnant?!


Things just got a little easier since Huxley aged up!

Phoenix: "You have some of my colors on you, puppy."

Cadienne: "I think I'm done working, I'm too old."

Cadienne retired!

Weston: "Yetis! Yetis!"

Wrong thing, Weston.

Phoenix: "Grandma retired AND we have yetis?"

Huxley: "I think I smell french toast."

Indi is pregnant! How will she handle more kids as a single working mom?


Minty is an elder!

Luckily the twins are calm so they're easy to care for.

Okay, they're calm most of the time.

Phoenix: "I have mood swings sometimes."