Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 13

Looks like someone is getting their butt kicked.

Hudson: "Owww, that hurt!"
Brodeigh: "It was supposed to."
Brodeigh did not show any signs of being mean until she was an elder, mean old lady.

Liam is now a child, a child with some crazy hair.

Henley: "I want some wild and crazy hair, why does Liam get it?"

This is just a little strange.

Liam: "Yeah, I look good. What's it to you?"

Liam: "Can you get out of the bathroom, please?"

Liam: "Shoo, out. I need some privacy around here."

Strange things happen around here.

Another Baudelaire baby is on the way!

Hudson: *Sneaky Sneaky*
This bush is a great cover.

Hudson: *Sneaky Sneaky*
Random Sim: "Nice disguise..."

I was not expecting this so soon.

Levi Baudelaire has now passed, he was a great Sim and will be missed very much. He was a great father, uncle, husband and role model!

Grim Reaper: "So... do you like the orchestra?"

More ghostly encounters for Henley, I think he has gotten used to them by now.
Henley: "Come on, get out of the way of the tv!"


Baby time!
Liam: "What do I do??!!"

Why is it that every time a Sim goes into labor in this house there is a ghost freaking out?!

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