Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 279

Wesker: "Must. Organize. Food."

Ierik: "Get me out of here!!!"

Sawyer: "Wow, that kid is loud."

Brenner: "What's up, Clementine?"

Clementine: "Nothing..."

Clementine: "I might have a poopy diaper for you... maybe."

Ierik: "I never noticed that you're purple."

Ierik: "When did that happen?!"

Feeding time!

Ierik seems a little suspicious of his milk.

Brenner: "Get out of the nursery so I can steal candy!"

Brenner: "Think about all of the awesome lollipops I can steal!"

Sawyer: "Lollipops, huh?"

Ierik and Clementine do everything together, they're the cutest!

Ierik: "See, this is how you chew their heads off."

Clementine: "Like this?"

Ierik is a little musical baby!

Of course, Clementine joined him. They both love music!

Loklyn: "Look at my food flipping skills!"

Look at his cooking skills! I'll take two dozen.

Clementine: "I'll take one too."

The first gnome passed away today.


Hemingway is an adult! The first thing he did was dig a hole and destroy the yard.

Fester has mastered the derpy trip.

Sawyer: "Can I just sit here and admire your beauty?"

Fester: "I will destroy your plant facing the opposite direction!"

Hemingway: "Fester is starting to scare me, I think I will leave the room now."

Zaylee: "Yay, it's time for cake."

Keinlyn: "No, it's not time for cake, it's time for MY birthday."

Make a wish!

Keinlyn is adorable! I love her.

Keinlyn: "I'm adorable AND you love me?!"

Keinlyn: "Yes, that means I'm automatically heiress!"

No, no it does not.

Whisker was creeping on the birthday the whole time.

All of the birthday fun wore Clementine out!

Keinlyn: "Since I'm a teen, does that mean I'm on baby duty?"


Ierik: "Where did this light come from and why is it in the middle of my room waking me up?"

Ierik: "It's a nice light though."

Loklyn: "He has good taste in lights."

Loklyn: "Make the crying stop!"

Brenner: "I love it when babies cry!"

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 278

Sundance is a child at heart.

Zaylee: "I told you to stop wearing my clothes!"

Zaylee: "I can't believe she would wear my clothes."


Wesker is an elder! She's not much different, just a little more gray.

Whisker is an elder too! You can't really see her gray since she has more white coloring.

Sundance: "That cop has been following me for hours."

Nice... hat?

Sundance: "You need to get me one of those hats now! And make that cop stop following me."

Keinlyn: "I think the food I ate was spoiled!"

Keinlyn: "I'm going to vomit!"

Pennie: "Why does he potty outside? I go inside and it's the same."

Loklyn: "Who wants to rake leaves when you can play with them?!"

Wesker: "You saw nothing. NOTHING."

I hope that toilet is clean.

Late one night when all of the kids were in bed, Sundance heard a cry outside.

There was an adorable little girl outside in the cold, she wasn't properly dressed for winter so she must have been freezing.

Sundance ran as fast as she could to check to see where the cry was coming from and what it was, in her heart she knew it was a child because the cry was so similar to her kids.

And there it was, a child. A lonely, cold, orange little girl that just showed up with no note, nothing.

Sundance: "Is that... it's a baby."

Ierik: "There's a baby outside?!"

Sundance: "You must be freezing! Come closer and cuddle me until we get inside, I'll warm you."

Sundance: "It will be okay, don't cry."

Sundance: "She smells like oranges."

After bathing her to warm her up, Sundance warmed a bottle to give her, she must be starving! Sundance has no idea where she came from or how long she has been outside in the cold.

She was very hungry, she was reaching for the bottle and yelling for it.

She drank two bottles! She was hungry, she will never be hungry again.

Now she looks happy! A warm bath and warm milk cheered her up.

Sundance: "What is your name? Where did you come from? I'm crazy, she's a toddler, she can't answer me."

But she could answer her, the only thing she knows is her name. It seems that everything else is lost, who are her parents and how could they just leave her?

"Clementine." was the only word she knew, that must be her name and it's very fitting.

Over the next few weeks Sundance tried to find out more information but there's no missing child reports and no reports of any recent births, it's like she fell from the sky.

It's okay though, she was quickly becoming part of the family and growing more each day. She really opened up with Loklyn and Ierik, Loklyn always has a bond with the kids.

She learned more words and learned how to walk in no time, she's a smart little girl! I guess she was here to stay, she's the fourth child Sundance and Brenner never knew they wanted, she completed the family.

Ierik: "I thought I completed the family?!"

It took Ierik a little while to open up to her, he was upset that he wasn't the baby of the family anymore.

Milo: "Those slippers look like me."

Milo: "That means I'm cute."

Milo: "Right?"

Fester: "I put something in the food, hahahaha!"

Fester: "I mean... no, I did not put anything in that food."

Fester: "Or did I?..."