Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 306

Hadley: "I'm about to age up, isn't that awesome?!"

Hadley: "I look great."

Hadley: "If you don't agree with me, I will beat you up."

Hadley's traits!

Syrah: "Hello, I'm new here."

Hadley: "Hi, new girl!"

Hadley: "So... what's your name and where did you come from?"

Syrah: "My name is Syrah Cohen, I came from a different place and  I have something I need to tell you before we get to know each other..."

Syrah: "I'm a vampire, is that okay?"

Hadley: "A... VAMPIRE??? I guess that's okay, I've never met a vampire before."

Syrah: "Let me show you how vampires kiss!"

Hadley: "Vampires are amazing kissers!"

Syrah: "I know, right?"

Hadley: "I could marry you right here."

Hadley: "But I will dip kiss you instead."

Hadley: "This is how normal Sims kiss."

Lunar: "I've never seen a vampire before, do you smell different?"

Hadley: "Don't mind all of the glass breaking, I'm still learning."

Hadley: "I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this."

Hadley: "Don't make fun of me or I'll beat you up."

Hadley wants to beat everyone up.

Sundance: "Oh my goodness, what's happening."

Sundance: "Oh, now I see what's happening."

Sundance has passed away! She will be missed so much.

Sundance Baudelaire
August 24, 2014 - May 5, 2015

Brenner: "Look at my baby pictures, I was adorable."

Syrah: "Oh, yeah... you were."

Brenner: "Are you calling me an ugly baby?!"

Syrah: "When did I say that?!"

Syrah: "Now YOU were an adorable baby!"

Brenner: "Oh, so you think she was a cute baby but I wasn't?"

Brenner: "You are so rude!"

Strudel is back!

She decided to take a nap on the bed.

Hadley: "I miss Strudel so much!"

Hadley: "Hi, I would like to book a flight for two to Shang Simla!"

Hadley: "Guess what, we're going to Shang Simla!"

Syrah: "My umbrella won't fit in my suitcase."

Hadley: "Oooh, this adventure looks fun!"

Syrah: "Hadley is leaving me to go on an adventure!"

Syrah: "I guess I can have some fun too."

Hadley went jogging before her adventure.

Hadley: "I don't think I'm heavy enough!"

Hadley: "This place doesn't look very safe."

Welcome to the family, Syrah!

Syrah is from the Cohen Legacy!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 305

And the kitty heir is... DEXTER!

Dexter: "I'm their heir? I feel honored!"

This little guy is the cutest thing ever!

Sundance: "He is!!!"

Spell: "Wait for us, Mom!"

Dexter is falling behind, he better speed up!

He finally caught up to mom to get groomed.

Dexter: "I can have nuzzles now?"

Fuzzball: "I guess everyone forgot about the rest of us since we're not heir."

Nona: "How could they forget about something as adorable as me?"

Spell likes to sleep in the bathroom, there's plenty of beds but that's his favorite place.

While Dexter hogs the biggest bed on the floor.

And Nona destroys the other one... stop that!

You stop it too! I see where she gets it from.

Lima Bean: "You can sneak up on me but you can't take me down!"

Dexter: "I can sneak up on you AND take you down!"

Emilia: "Those cats are getting violent, maybe I should stop dancing and get out of here."

Dexter: "One... two... three..."

Lunar: "I feel very strange."

Oh gosh, another big litter! Lunar had so many puppies, she had two boys and two girls like Lima Bean.

The first little girl, Cairo.

The other girl, Taffy.

One of the boys, Webster.

And the last puppy, a boy named Barky!

I had a hard time deciding between Cairo and Taffy for the heiress but I decided that Cairo will be doggy heiress!

Taffy stuck around for a little while longer though.

The house is so full, there's cats and dogs running around everywhere!

Dexter: "I'm cat heir, obey my commands."

Cairo: "I don't have to, I'm dog heiress!"

I wish I could keep them both, they're so cute!

Cairo: "But you chose me since I'm the cutest, right?"

Brenner: "I'm doing laundry... evil laundry."

Taffy: "You expect me to chew on a toy bigger than me?"

It's finally quiet around here, all of the pets are sleeping.

So peaceful and sleepy.

I guess Dexter is having a bad dream!

Good girl! Cairo is catching on quick.

Cairo: "I'm going to shred this toy!"

Hadley: "You're a cutie, give me some sugar."

It's a gorgeous snowy day today, I love the reflection on the water.

Egon loves to sleep by the stove, it keeps him warm.

The beautiful day is ruined, we have to say goodbye to Frostwind.

We will miss Frostwind so much!

Frostwind Baudelaire
February 17, 2015 - May 5, 2015