Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 352

The first thing you do as a young adult? Get started on your LTW! Indi wants to reach level 10 in the acrobat profession. 

Indi: "A mother and son, how sweet."

Indi: "Hello!"

Lady: "Leave my son alone."

Indi: "The lady doesn't like me!"

Lady: "You're so weird."

Indi: "She thinks I'm weird!"

There's a magical man waiting for Indi when she gets home!

Templeton: "That looks dangerous."

He seems sweet!

Minty: "He needs to put my puppy down."

Indi: "I see a cute guy behind me."

Indi: "Hello, cutie."

Indi: "He knows magic?!?!"

Indi: "I noticed that you're cute and in my bedroom."

Lux: "Don't show me that!"

Whatever she showed him worked.

Indi: "Wow."

Indi: "Why did you do that?!"

Lux: "I'm sorry!"

Lemmie likes the drama.

Lux: "We're getting into bed, yay."

Indi: "Come join me so we can start on generation 32!"

Lux: "Oh yeah?"

Generation 32 is on the way!

He's being weird, he's in the corner on his phone.

Templeton: "Get off of your phone!"

Kato: "I can't sleep with all of this noise."


I guess Kato can sleep next to dad though!

Seriously, he's always on his phone.

Brenner has been busy stocking the fridge!

While Templeton found a turtle!

I think you know what this means.

Lux: "She's pregnant, I should blog this."

Lux: "And then tell her she's pretty."

The first pop!

Fantasia likes sleeping in the sauna room.

Brenner has a soft side, he lets the pets sleep with him.

She's growing fast!

Indi: "My back is killing me."

Indi: "Come rub my back, Lux."

Lux: "Just a minute, I'm blogging."

Lux's traits!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 351

Indi is headed to town to buy a bunch of Shang Simla items.

Ellis: "I feel sick, do I have to fight people today?"

Ellis: "Are you ready? I don't think you are."

Lady: "Just watch."

Lady: "I have better moves than you!"

It's a rainy evening in Shang Simla so everyone is staying inside.

Cadienne: "What did you do today?"

Indo: "Nothing."

Cadienne: "You're supposed to enjoy yourself while we're here."

Indo: "Staying inside is what I want to do, Mom!"

I am Indo.

Cadienne: "Wow, there's aliens here."

Cadienne has spent most of the vacation reading.

Indi: "Stop picking on me!"

Indo: "Never!"

Indi: "Brothers are mean."

Is beating someone in the head with a pillow mean?

Indi: "I guess he's not THAT bad."

Cadienne: "I have a feeling they're up to something."

Indi: "You're disgusting!"

Indi: "Get away from me."

What is Lynk doing here?!

Ellis took a break to spend time with his kids.

And then he was back to work on his LTW.

This place is spooky!

So that means we will explore it!

Ellis: "HEY! You're my final challenge, come over here!"

And within days, Ellis completed his LTW! That didn't take long, now what will he do?

Ellis: "I'm finally done???"

Brenner: "Welcome home, hehehehe."

Templeton: "Why did you leave us here with him?"

Juno: "Glad to see you home!"

Someone doesn't even care.

Lemmie loves this thing!

Juno: "Can I use the cat tree?"

Brenner: "Who put so much laundry in here?!"

Cadienne: "I did it."

I missed Chaos' death, I hate that I missed it!

Chaos Baudelaire
October 17, 2015 - January 19, 2016

Juno: "I wanted to get to know grandma."

Indo: "Seeing the puppy sad makes me sad."

Brother love!

Stop that!

The gnome is jammin'.

Indi: "I'm finally aging up!"

Indi: "Then mom can't tell me what to do!"


Indi is a young adult and ready to take over.

Indi: "I'm heiress?!?!"

Indi: "I'm not ready for that responsibility."

Indo: "It's my turn!"

Indo: "So, ladies... like what you see?"

Indi: "He's so awkward!"

Indi: "It makes me sad."

Indi's traits!