Friday, October 6, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 350

That's a beautiful view!

Yeah, it's just creepy.

Minty: "Get out of our house!"

Cadienne is chugging the coffee before work.

Minty is finally having her puppies!

She had two boys, they're the cutest puppies!

I love their markings.

Minty: "I have two puppies to care for now."

Cadienne: "Puppies, sweet!"

This little boy is Juno!

And this is Kato! I don't know which one I like more.

Templeton is a good daddy!

Kato: "I'm ready for my nuzzles!"

And off they go!

Bella: "Can you get rid of my ghosts?"

They're pooped after running around all day.

Look at that tiny nub tail!

Kato got a long tail.

Clean yourself somewhere else!

Indi: "What is Minnie doing?"

Indi: "It's disgusting."

So much puppy spam! I can't help it, they're cute.

Kato loves watching the minor pets.

Brushy brushy.

Indi: "Ahhhhh!"

Indi: "Now I'm soaked!"

Indi: "Indo did it, I know he did."

The puppies are so good at peeing outside!

And adorable while doing it.

Hard at work!

Indo: "Mom is hunting ghosts???"

Minty is making her morning grooming rounds.

Her puppies are always well groomed.

And happily chewing on toys.

Templeton: "Pet me!"

Weston: "I'll pet him."

Kato's traits!

It's time for Ellis to finish his LTW! He took the family on vacation.

Indi: "I like it here."

Ellis: "I don't!"

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 349

Indi loves the bubble bar.

Indi: "I have the hiccups."

Indi: "Look at the bubbles!"

Indi: "I just popped it."

Weston: "She's craaazy."

Everyone is excited about Lemmie's birthday!

Lemmie: "Because everyone loves me."


Such a cute fluffy kitty!

Indo: "It's so fluffy!"

Lemmie: "That's right, be jealous."

Templeton: "I am jealous."

Bella: "Ugh, it's my birthday."

Bella: "I'm so excited!"

She's so pretty! Time to kick her out.

I see Lemmie has discovered the wall dancer.

I feel like Brenner dies all the time.

Brenner: "It's happening again."

Sim: "Mwahahaha!"

Brenner: "Surprised?"

Grim: "Not at all."

Brenner: "I'll see you next time, Grimmy."

Sim: "I see you're evil, I like you."

Sim: "Because I'm evil too!"

Lemmie: "There's too many evil sims around here."

Lemmie: "I should guard my food."

Fantasia: "That's MY food!"

Indi: "I know you follow me everywhere but I really need privacy in the bathroom."

Look at this cutie!

Minty: "Hi, I'm Minty."

Templeton: "Hello Minty!"

Minty: "He's cute!"

Good because he's your mate.

I think they like each other!

Cadienne responded to a ghost call and there's a bunch of cute puppies!

Victory is leaving us!

Victory Baudelaire
August 10, 2015 - January 15
Minty: "I didn't know him long but he was a great cat."

I wonder where Minty is off to.

Ahh, I see. PUPPIES!

Templeton: "Did anyone watch?"

Templeton: "I'm going to be a dad."

Hey, bad dog!

Minty: "I can't pee inside?"

Indi: "That's gross!"


Minnie is an elder!

Minty's traits!