Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 291

Brenner has been trying to keep up with his garden, he made a harvester to make it a little easier. 

Brenner: "That's right, I'm about to harvest all these plants in a few minutes!"

Milo is being taken from us!

Milo Baudelaire
December 23, 2014 - March 31, 2015

Clementine: "I think it's baby time."

Clementine: "This hurts even worse the second time!"

Clementine had another blue boy! I have a feeling the blue skin will haunt me forever.

Introducing, Ridley Baudelaire!

Clementine: "I don't care if all of my babies are blue, I'll love them."

Brenner: "And of course I will be stuck taking care of them."

Ierik: "Hmmm, I think I see an odd flying object in the sky."

Kip is so adorable when he's sleeping!

It's party time!


Of course, another clone! I don't mind though, he's adorable and derpy.

Clementine: "Are you derpy?"

Ridley: "Maybe..."

Clementine: "Ridley, it's time to go inside, you've been playing long enough."

Ridley: "NO!"

Clementine: "You don't say no, it's time for dinner."

And it's time for grandpa Brenner to teach Ridley how to talk!

He's catching on pretty quick, look at those big blue eyes!

Hemingway is always hunting gems!

Pregnant with baby #3!

Ridley: "You're pregnant again???"

Brenner: "Just holding my invisible baby."

Brenner: "My evil invisible baby, mwahahaha!!!"


Cutie! He's growing so fast.


Kip aged up! I'm in love with his colors.


Egon aged up too! He looks a lot like Frostwind.

Yuck! Let's get away from him.

This isn't much better, cats can be gross.

Kip: "I'm not gross, I'm cleaning myself."

Kip: "Now you may pet me."

These cats are getting stranger by the second.

Brenner: "Does stranger mean more evil?"

Clementine: "You're going to be a big brother again!"

Oliver: "Oh, yayyy..."

Oliver: "Can you read me a bedtime story?"

Clementine: "Then the old man took over the world with his evil plans, the end. Wait... this must be your grandpa's book, we need to keep an eye on him."

Clementine: "Goodnight, sweetie."

Kip is dreaming of fishies!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 290

The bug collection is getting bigger!

Egon: "I have my eyes on those bugs... SOON." 

It's time for Oliver to age up!


Wow! I knew he would look like Ierik but I wasn't expecting him to look identical!

Just for fun I decided to try out the same hairstyle Ierik had as a toddler, they look so similar!

Oliver: "I'm daddy's clone?!"

He has adorable pointy ears too!

Oliver: "Just admit it, I'm the cutest kid around."

Oliver: "Right?!"

Time for a break from adorable Oliver to celebrate Brenner and Sundance's birthdays!

Brenner: "Eww, I feel... OLD."

Brenner: "I guess being old is pretty awesome."

Sundance is up next!

Brenner: "Hehehe, sparkles are evil!"

Hemingway: "Are sparkles evil?" 

Sundance: "I don't like being old!"

Old but still so in love!

And there's some young love in the hallway, shouldn't Ierik be giving Clementine the back rub? 

Clementine: "That's right, where's MY back rub?"

Clementine: "I got a back rub AND woohoo!"

Ierik: "Are you ready to learn how to use the potty?"

Oliver: "No."

Ierik: "That's okay, you can be my baby forever."

Oliver: "Not the claw again."

Oliver: "AGAIN."

Oliver is tired of the claw but not tickles!

Brenner: "Alright kid, I know you have a lollipop. Just hand it over."

Brenner: "Aha, I got it!"

Oliver: "My lollipop!"

Oliver: "Give it back!"

Brenner: "Nope, it's mine now."

Brenner: "Snuggles make it better though, right?"

Time to learn how to talk!

He's catching on quick! 

Brenner is evil but he's a sweet grandpa.

He is teaching Oliver everything he needs to know!

Oliver: "I've learned how to walk AND talk in one day!"

Clementine is pregnant with baby #2!

Oliver: "I'm going to be a big brother?!"

I don't think that looks too safe to do during pregnancy. 

There will be two babies in the family soon!