Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 209

Emmie: "How do you expect me to play CHESS??? I've never even played Checkers!"

Emmie decided to take a break from chess and play with Hennah, Hennah loves playing!

Rio: "Candles... be prepared to be blown away."

Rio: "Well, I believe the candles AND everyone else is blown away."

Emmie: "Rio is so stuck up, he doesn't look as good as me."

It's Adalynn's turn! I struggled with the heir decision between her and Emmie, it's so hard to let her pretty face go.

Now it's even harder! Why do all of the kids have to look so good?!

Maisy couldn't stay gone for very long, she came out to party.

Maisy: "Wooo! Ghost parties are even better!"

Adalynn: "Grandma is back... as a GHOST?! I have to get out of here!"

Emmie: "What did I come out here to do again?"

Check the mail.

Emmie: "Now I think I remembered, I'm supposed to build a snowman."

Emmie: "Hmmm, it's a little uneven, I think I need to destroy it."

Emmie: "You're ugly and uneven, get out of my yard!"

I hope she didn't kill the snowman and make a dish out of his carrot nose!

Time to get this evil boy out of here, finally!

He's evil but he's still kind of cute!

Pedobear enjoys the view.

Chelsie is an old lady now and she's still so adorable!

Atley: "Am I still going to be adorable when I'm an old man?"

Chelsie: "My husband better look cute or... or, I don't know what I'll do but he better be cute."

And he's cute, I think he knows it too!

Next up is Emmie! It's time to get started on the next generation as soon as she ages up.

Emmie: "You're saying I'm stuck here and I'm supposed to have a bunch of kids?!"


Ean: "Where am I and how did I get here?"

Ean: "Let me leave, this place stinks."

Wrecks: "It doesn't stink, it has a nice big yard to play in."

Ean: "Awww, okay. I guess we will stay."

Emmie: "Go fetch me a cute man to marry."

Wrecks: "I don't know what you're saying, you want to play fetch?"

Ean is going to spend his days fishing since Emmie is going to be a cook, she can cook what he catches.

Ean: "Hi, stranger! Wanna fish with me?"

Wrecks: "Has anyone seen a cute man around here?!"

Maisy: "I'm dead for one week and they let my favorite plant die and replace it with this hideous thing!!!"

Ean: "Wrecks brought me here so are you going to ignore me or talk to me?"

Emmie: "I told him to fetch me a cute man but I guess you'll do."

Emmie: "If this doesn't scare him off then he's a keeper!"

Ean: "I guess I'm a keeper then, right?"

Ean: "This place doesn't stink as much as I thought it did, I've got a pretty lady to make it better."

Emmie: "Flowers! For me?!"

Ean: "I love how your aunt is pretending to eat so she can stalk us."

Our beautiful and wide eyed Emmie is our heiress!

Ean the hot headed cutie might be her future husband! I love his hair and eyes.

Wrecks is the newest doggy in the family, he's adorable!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 208

The Baudelaire's got a new pet, a hamster named Fuzzy!

And an adorable little shrew, I love him!

Chelsie: "What is this thing? It looks strange."

Atley: "I bet you can't get the ball!"
Hennah: "Just give me the ball and go away."

Adalynn: "Uh oh, it looks like I'm behind in the race, not for long!"

Adalynn: "I wish... I could stay a kid forever!"

Adalynn: "Being a teen isn't that bad, at least I'm hot."

Everett: "Adalynn thinks she's cuter than me, she is SO wrong."

Christopher: "I'll show all of them, when I grow up I'll be the cutest. Mwahahaha!"

I'm pretty sure Rio has all of them beat, I love him!

Maisy's job is to take care of the small animals, she cleans their cages once a day and feeds them twice a day.

Emmie: "The rain tastes so good."'re inside, there's no rain in here.

Adalynn: "Having a weird little sister makes me so sad, why can't she be normal?"

Emmie: "Normal? What is this normal thing that Adalynn is talking about?"

It's party time again! Josie is ready to grow up and move out on her own, I'm going to miss her.

Josie: "Sooo... you like what you see?"

Josie is beautiful! I was so close to keeping her as heiress.

Adalynn: "Heiress? Do I get to be heiress?"

Adalynn: "Wait, I'm not sure if I want to be stuck here for the rest of my life."

Maisy: "I KNEW I smelled something burning!"

Maisy: "Someone help, the fire is trying to turn me into a toasted marshmallow!"

Christopher: "I love it when people catch on fire, it's amazing!"

Hennah: "When are we getting rid of the evil kid?!"

Theo: "You're colorful like skittles, do you smell like skittles?"

Caspurr: "Hi evil kid! You wanna play?"

Emmie: "I just found this outside, I wonder what it does."

Emmie: "It does something I don't want it to do, someone stop it!"

Emmie: "A..are you a genie?! Grant me a wish!"

Genie: "Yes and you could say please."

Emmie: "Never mind! This looks like it might hurt!"

Emmie: "Wait... aren't genies supposed to give you three wishes?"

That's the homework spot, the kids head straight to that couch to do their homework after school.

Yes! One step closer to getting rid of this evil kid!

He's evil but I have to admit that he's cute.

Adalynn: "It's almost time to kick evil Christopher out!"

Chelsie feels a little out of shape so she has started exercising, I don't think she will stick with it.

She stuck with it long enough to start smelling.

Theo loves to take naps on the back porch.

Christopher: "I'm leaving my dirty plate on the table and blaming it on Everett, mwahahaha!"

Everett: "Tell Christopher to stop blaming me for everything!"

Don't take Theo! He still has more time to spend with us!

Theo Baudelaire
July 11, 2013 - October 4, 2013

Valerie: "I wish that my hair would stay the same color and I don't get more wrinkles when I age up."

Valerie: "My wish did not work! I think I look like an old raisin."

She's an old raisin now but I think she's still adorable!

Adam is too! 

Everett is so handsome! It's really hard to let him go and not keep him as heir.

Not Maisy! Maisy is one of my favorite Baudelaire's ever, I can't believe the heiress of generation 20 is gone now.

Maisy Baudelaire
June 23, 2013- October 4, 2013

Wyatt doesn't even know, he's going to wake up and she will be gone.

A few days after Maisy died it was time for Emmie to age up, they really needed some excitement.


Emmie: "Are you really in love with a virtual person?"

NO! Just let the Baudelaire's go one week without a death!

Wyatt Baudelaire
July 8, 2013 - October 5, 2013

Emmie: "Why did grandma and grandpa have to die so close to each other?"

Christopher: "I'm evil and like evil things but not this, I don't want to lose grandma AND grandpa!"

Emmie has gotten really close to the shrew, she spends a lot of time with him.