Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 230

I hate to start this chapter out sad but goodbye Tillie, you were such a great dog!

Tillie Baudelaire
October 22, 2013 - January 13, 2014

Cheyenne: "Tillie died?! But she was the best dog ever!"

Cheyenne: "I just can't go on without her!"

This happens so often the dogs don't even care anymore.

Peyton: "Mom fainted... again?"

Peyton: "Where did he come from and how long has he been standing there watching me?!"

Peyton: "I wish we could get a new doggy."

Zora: "Hey, down here! Did you forget about me?!"

Cheyenne: "My son is going to turn out so cute like me."

Cheyenne was right, he is cute like her!

Cheyenne: "I wanted him to be cute but not cuter than me!"

The creeper aged up and turned out cuter than I expected!

Owen: "Hehehehe, I'm hot."

Ean: "Oh no, he's just as vain as his mother!"

Cheyenne: "I knew I smelled something burning!"

Cheyenne: "Everybody out of my way, my butt is on fire!"

Peyton: "Haha, mom is freaking out."

You would be freaking out too if your butt was on fire.

Peyton: "Ready to hear some awesome jams?!"

I wouldn't want to listen to myself if I was him, he sucked.

Peyton: "Eugh, I missed again."

Need to upgrade something? Beat it with a hammer!

Not Arlo too! So many great doggies are passing away, it's a sad week in the Baudelaire household.

Arlo Baudelaire
October 22, 2013 - January 13, 2014

Eon looks to Cheyenne for comfort, she really misses Arlo and Tillie. I think it might be time for a friend for her!

Cheyenne: "It wasn't my butt this time... my whole body was on fire!"

Peyton: "Mom looks like a burnt piece of toast!"

Time for Kylianne's birthday!

Beautiful! So much of her mom is in her face, I see a lot of Indigo too.

Kylianne: "Why do I have to look like my parents?"

Cheyenne was being frugal and didn't want to buy more scrap so she went to the junkyard to find some.

Kylianne: "This bathroom stinks! I bet Peyton was in here before me."

Zora: "Peyton said you looked like burnt toast but you definitely don't taste like toast."

Palette: "Did she really think she would taste like toast?"

Peyton: "Look at me, I'm burnt like mom now!"

Peyton: "Oh well, that explosion was awesome!"

Brooke has been going around banging on everything with a hammer, almost everything in the house has been upgraded now.

Kylianne: "Haha, do you see that weird looking thing stalking me?"

The weather warmed up a little so Peyton took Palette outside for a little fun.

Playing fetch is his favorite thing!

Peyton: "Good boy, now fetch me a girlfriend."

Peyton: "I can taste the rain!"'s not raining.

Peyton: "Maybe I can taste the rain before it rains?"

Palette: "He was right, he can taste it before it rains!"

Palette: "Come on, boy! One more throw before we have to go back inside."

Ellora: "Is this... RAIN???"

Peyton: "Prepare yourself for the most awesome dunk ever!"

The most awesome fail ever.

Peyton: "It was the rain. Yeah, the rain made me fail."

Indigo: "Ahhh, I thought Brooke upgraded this thing!"

Cheyenne walks outside in the rain to the other end of the house to wash clothes, why not walk inside?!

Our beautiful fairy is about to grow up and leave us! It was hard to decide to let her go but she must fly off and make a family of her own.

And I'm sure she will be glad to get away from the crazies.

Owen: "Hey, I'm not crazy."

Evangeline: "Eugh, you can't change the colors of my clothes once in my life?!"

Nope, you're doomed to wear orange and green for the rest of your life.

Evangeline: "You're not serious, are you?"