Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 112 (Introducing Generation 11!)

Knox and Lia are best friends, they watch tv together and Knox follows her everywhere she goes... that part sounds like he is a stalker.

Cylee loves Kisses! I swear they can play together all day and not get tired.

Just another average day in the Baudelaire house.
Landon: "Why? Why is my butt on fire, again?!"
Because nobody likes you!

That can't be good for a baby, I think Heartleigh needs to take a break from the potions for a little while.

Matching baby bumps! Let's hope for at least one baby boy this time, the Baudelaire's need some boys in the family!

It's time!
Heartleigh: "My watermelon sized baby is on it's way into the world and it hurts!"

The timing couldn't have been better, the race to see who gives birth begins... NOW!

Harper: "Why do you make us do this?!"

After hours of labor, screams and them noticing they were both in labor and freaking out, Heartleigh welcomed a baby boy into the world! 
Welcome to the family, Elliot Baudelaire!

Seconds later Harper welcomed another baby boy into the world! Welcome, baby Chance Baudelaire!

I'm so happy to finally get some boys, it's been so long!
Heartleigh: "Can we stop reproducing now that you got your boys?"

Lia: "Are you sure this guy is my Daddy? He's nuts!"
Look around, everyone is nuts!

Landon: "Come to Daddy, Lia. I know you can do it, you are smart like your Daddy!"
If she's like her Dad, we can expect to see her catch her butt on fire.

Go, Lia!!!

Hope: "I wish to escape from this mad house!"

Hope: "I look awesome and nobody can deny it."
Landon: "She does look awesome!"

Heartleigh: "I'm gonna kiss that cute wittle belly, yes I am!"
Let's get them used to the weirdos they call family while they are young.

Elliot is so peaceful when he is asleep, like a little cocoon.

No, don't take away my crazy Cylee! We won't have anyone to faint for scary events!

Cylee Baudelaire
January 28, 2012 - May 26, 2012

Peyson: "A death isn't the same without Mom here fainting!"

Harper: "I think you did this."

After Cylee's death, Peyson decided to visit her sister and see how she was doing, Presleigh is so pretty!
Presleigh: "I guess I'm doing great, I have three wonderful kids crammed into a tiny house but I love this little shack we call home."

Presleigh has twins! This is the girl twin, Tania, she reminds me so much of Cylee but a little darker skin.

And Tania's twin, Curt.
 Curt: "Get me out of this place!"

And last but not least, the youngest of the bunch, Nikole!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 111

Knox: "I'm gonna get you, little doggy!"
Kisses: "Catch me if you can!"

Kisses: "Hello, welcome to chapter 111!"

Heartleigh: "That was totally unexpected."
Really? I totally expected it.

Landon: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh... fire, fire! Why won't this stupid phone dial?!"

Landon: "Hello?! We have a small problem here!"

Peyson: "Landon's trying to kill all of us, he's a nut!"

Harper: "How in the world does this thing work?"
Umm, I think your butt is on fire.

Harper: "I should have just stayed out of it and let Landon get burnt."
Yeah, you look like a piece of toast.

I don't think he could be any stranger.

What's this? Is there another baby Baudelaire on the way?!

Oh hey, a Unicorn... wait, a Unicorn?!

That didn't take long.

Grim Reaper: "Why do people decorate their houses with plants? I'll never understand."
You don't have to understand, get out!

Knox: "Even though I can't use this cat house I'm going to guard it and not let anything else near it... MINE!"

Hope: "Hey there, Kisses. Do you want in my lap?"

Kisses: "Now that's the spot!"

Peyson: "Are you ready to grow up and become a big strong Baudelaire?"

Peyson: "Party time!!!"

Landon: "Eugh. It looks like my spawn is aging up, I guess I have to act happy for this event."
Lighten up or you will get it...


Yep, she's a true Baudelaire!

Landon: "So, do you like cake?"
Peyson: "Back away from her, dude."

Heather: "Okay, you go potty in this thing, do you understand?"
Lia: "I don't think I quite understand what you are saying, old lady."

She is such a cute kid.

Harper: "YES! We're both having babies!"
Heartleigh: "I don't understand how this happened, we're both women!"

Harper: "I think I hear the baby moving!"
Heartleigh: "That's just gas."
Harper: "TMI much, Heartleigh?"