Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 43

Lynus: "I know I'm crazy at times but I love you and that will never change, I want to make it official, I am ready for you to be my wife."
Lennox: "Again, can't you two take it somewhere else?!"

Lucy: "It fits perfect!"

Lucy: "I love you, Lynus."
Lynus: "I love you too, Lucy."

Lucy: "Oh my gosh, it's beautiful!" I can't believe I am now Lucy Baudelaire!"

Lynus: "Nobody will play with me."
Poor Lynus, he is always outside playing with something and nobody will go out there with him.

Caylix: "There is no Cheesesteak!"

Lynus: "That pancake is going to get me!"
Lynus and that Insane trait.

It looks like the sickness was from being pregnant, it's now official, the 6th generation is on the way!

Ainsley: "Don't you think this house is crowded enough?"

Skyrim is such a playful doggy.

She loves that ball.

Getting bigger and bigger!

Lynus: "What is that? You are ready to come out and join the crazy Baudelaire's?"

Skyrim: "MY bowl!"

Uh oh, I think we all know that look... It's baby time once again in the Baudelaire house!

Ainsley: "Not on my clean floor!!!"
Lynus *Ignores like nothing is happening*

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