Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 14

Introducing the newest bouncing Baudelaire baby, Arielle Baudelaire!
Birthday time has rolled around again, Kimber is now a teen! She is turning out so beautiful, heir maybe?

Hudson: "Whaa- Who's there?"
Hudson shouldn't be afraid of a little noise, I mean really? Ghosts roam all over the house all day.

Gnome just chillin' in the yard.

Arielle is a toddler now, a very cute one! She got Hudson's eyes.

Time to build up those skills.

Or.. Just chew on the toys.

This picture is just all around creepy.
Arielle: "I'm watchin' you ghosty ghost..."

Why is the house so empty and dark?
The house seemed to be getting smaller and smaller with each generation, usually 8 Sims and a couple ghosts are roaming around and the Baudelaire's will be getting a new doggy soon so it was time to build a new house!
Their new house is amazing, you will love it, I know the Baudelaire's will!
Henley: "Did I forget to pack my homework?"

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  1. YEAAAAAH, New house :D

    Crazy Lama