Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 223

Baby #1 for Brooke and Indigo is on the way! 

Evangeline: "She's pregnant... does that mean the new baby will make me look less cute?"

Evangeline: "Or will it be ugly and I'll still be the cutest baby ever?!"

Cheyenne's show must really suck.

Gnome: "Don't mind me... just get undressed and hop into bed."

Brooke: "I forgot I was married!"

Eon: "I meant to do that..."

Eon: "Don't say a thing."

Tango: "My daughter must be like her dad, she definitely did not get the clumsiness from me."

I just love these two, they're so perfect for each other!

Ellora has been going around the house upgrading things all day.

Ean: "Come on, I know you can do it!"
Evangeline: "I have wings and can fly... I don't need to learn how to walk."

Evangeline: "But it's pretty awesome that I'm actually doing it!"

Evangeline: "Walking is so awesome, I'll never fly again!"

Evangeline: "Grampa taught me how to walk so I'm never going to fly again."
Cheyenne: "Oh? We'll see about that when you're my age and tired of walking all of your life."

This fuzzy guy just showed up and started eating the Baudelaire dogs' food.

Tillie: "Who are you and why are you more colorful than me?"

His name is Palette and he's the Baudelaire's newest doggy!

Evangeline: "Let the new doggy have my imaginary friend and shred it to pieces!"

Palette loves to play outside, all of the other dogs are lazy.

Maybe Palette won't spend much time outside after this...

Zora: "I'm here and ready to chew on every piece of furniture that you own!!!"
Tillie: "Oh dear, what kind of little monster have I created?"

At least she started with the dog toys.

Zora: "I'm sleepy, can I cuddle with you?"

Tillie: "Come a little closer and we'll take a nap together."

Cutest mommy and baby ever!

Cheyenne: "This lady over here insulted my show, I'll show her."

Cheyenne: "One... Two..."

Cheyenne: "Three!!! Did I scare her?!"

I think the old lady enjoyed it.

Yep, she's already flying again.

Ean: "All of that hard work and she's not even walking."

We have another invention gnome! I think they're one of my favorites.

Arlo: "Those gnomes creep me out, I have to get out of here."

Tillie: "Where's the gnome?! Zora and I can destroy it!"

Tillie: "I mean... we just want to see it."

And off she goes to tear up another nice couch.

I couldn't find Wrecks all day and finally found him upstairs watching tv.

Wrecks: "That Sim on tv looks very strange."

Tango: "Time to sharpen my claws so when I go out to hunt I can catch something."

Tango: "Yep, I caught something... that bird was delicious."

Cheyenne: "I haven't played in a few days, I forgot how this thing works."

Baby bump watch, the baby should be here anytime now!

Brooke: "Here kitty, kitty! Do you want a belly rub and treat?"

Tango: "Are you really asking IF I want that? Of course I do."

Brooke: "Did the cat just talk to me?"

Cheyenne: "Wait... the cat talked???"

Indigo: "Who would cook something that would set my mouth on fire?!"

Palette: "Don't put that food in my bowl!"

Zora: "Shut up, Dad. We will eat anything... anything."

It didn't take Tillie and Palette long to create this adorable little puppy, Zora is the perfect addition to the family!

Palette is our colorful, new doggy!