Friday, July 25, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 218

It's a beautiful evening to play for tips on the beach!

....and do whatever this dude is doing.

Cheyenne: "There was a treat this big in the pet store today."

Kahlan: "Since I don't get to be heiress it's time to grow up and get out of this place, nobody appreciates my beauty around here."

She is gorgeous! I would love to have her be heiress but I have other plans.

Emmie: "Did you see Kahlan's funny pointed ears?"
Jaxine: "Haha, yeah... I wonder where she gets those from?"

Emmie: "Don't pick on your sister's ears!"

Jaxine: "But... you were doing it too."

Tillie: "I just don't understand the Sims around here."

Nobody does.

Early doesn't try to understand them, he just naps everywhere.

Cheyenne: "Stupid cat gets to nap wherever and whenever he wants, when I want to nap on the floor I get told to go to my room."

Indigo: "We're supposed to nap in our room?!"

Indigo: "Well, I've been napping in the upstairs bathroom."

Indigo: "Hi."

Arlo always begs for belly rubs, treats or a good brushing.

Tillie: "Where did that little girl go?! I didn't get a good belly rub."

The triplets are ready to be teens! The days are flying by, I wish they were still toddlers.

CUTE! I'm in love, I think I smell double heir... maybe.

Emmie: "Double heir?! You haven't don that in forever!"

Indigo: "Double heir stinks, I should be the only Sim in your game."

But what about your pretty lady? She has to be in the game too.

Indigo: "Make her and age me up! I'm ready to be heir."

Early: "I'll never understand his weird ways."

I can't believe how beautiful and bright she is, I love her pink hair.

Liara: "Is that a compliment?! I hate compliments!"

Jaxine: "How many days until I can get away from my grouchy sister and freaky brother?"

Cheyenne: "She's trying to count again... that's never a good thing."

Graham turned out cute too! He reminds me of Emmie.

Liara: "Who cares about Brock? It's all about ME!"
Cheyenne: "I'm getting tired of her attitude already."


Tillie: "I have to guard my bed so Early doesn't get his claws on it."

Indigo: "I can't sit down, the plate is in my way!"

Indigo: "I can't eat if I can't sit down."

Great, it looks like Brock is going to be one of those Baudelaire's.

Brock: "Ahhh, squeaky clean and ready to mix some more potions."

Cheyenne: "I think I've made a mistake... why did I come to the park when it was raining???"

To pick pumpkins for Spooky Day!

She picked one for Indigo...

...and herself.

Graham: "What about me, did I get a pumpkin?"

Liara: "Of course he didn't, only Cheyenne and Indigo are important."

Cheyenne made a kitty pumpkin!

And Indigo made this... I don't even know what to call it.

Arlo: "Do you see any feathers from a bird I ate left in my mouth?"
Tillie: "I don't see anything."

Jaxine: "Arlo ate a poor little bird?!"

I don't know who you are but back away from the laptop before you get deleted!

Tillie: "Why is there an ugly Sim using the laptop in the room I want to sleep in???"

The ugly Sim finally left so Tillie joined Cheyenne in bed.

Liara: "Have you heard how derpy Liara is?"
Emmie: "Wait... did you? Nevermind."

Cheyenne and Tillie are inseparable! 

Indigo walks around and derpy whistles all day and night.

Wrecks: "Why is he so derpy all the time?!"