Monday, December 19, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 330

Casper: "I want to age up but there's not enough room right here!"

Casper: "A whole open room and I can't spin around with sparkles!"


Casper is so cute! I just love him, he is still in the race for heir.

Casper: "Hahaha, who are you kidding? I AM heir."

Knightlee: "He's wrong, I AM!"

Tempest: "Seriously, they're both wrong. We all know I'M your favorite."

Knightlee: "What are we doing with so many elixirs?"

Tiger: "We're using them for world domination."

Casper: "World domination... sounds fun."

I can't get over how cute he is.

Tempest: "And I can't get over how cute Queeny is!"

The Baudelaire's moved to Appaloosa Plains!

August: "Ahhh, it's so pretty here!"

Casper: "Did you hear that, Queeny? We moved!"

Tiger: "I wonder if this place has more mice?"

August: "MICE?! How exciting!!!"

You can't forget your umbrella if you're a vampire.

Tiger: "Stop playing in the road!"

Tiger: "Maybe I should get out of the road to say that."

Yeah, nuzzling in the road isn't any better.

Brenner: "Hehehe, something bad might happen..."

Victory: "Nobody will ever find me under here."

Syrah: "I can."

Cadienne: "I finished two paintings today, now can I play?"

Victory: "He thinks I don't know."

Stop that, you're a bad influence for your children!

Echo: "A bad what? I'm just watching the bugs."

Brenner: "Ew, it's too cute."

A little fun outside before getting started on their skills.

Cadienne: "I love flowers."

Casper: "I found a bug!"

Casper: "I wonder if I can find some valuable gems now."

Moving here was a great decision, the town is so peaceful at night.


August is a young adult and ready to venture out on her own! I almost picked her for heiress.

August: "I almost became heiress?!"

Knightlee: "Why am I not almost heir???"

Cadienne: "I gotta get to the fridge before Casper because he will eat everything!"

Casper: "I will not eat everything."