Monday, October 24, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 36

Caylix: "Please DON'T choose me as heir, I want to get away from these crazy people."
It has come time to choose the heir for the next generation! Below are pictures of the kids and information about them, I will be making a decision soon!

- Caylix Baudelaire -
Loves the Outdoors
Heavy Sleeper
Animal Lover

She is beautiful, but will she be heir?

- Lennox Baudelaire -

Lennox is one of the prettiest Sims out of all of the Baudelaire's, she has an odd mixture of traits and I would love to see what she could bring, will Lennox be heir?

- Lynus Baudelaire -
Easily Impressed

I am more interested in having one of the girls as heir but Lynus is in the running for heir as well.

Who will win? I will choose very soon, leave a comment on the Baudelaire's Facebook page and give me your opinion.

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