Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 317

Seriously, this has to stop.

This needs to stop too, go away!

Weston: "Oooh, did the llama leave me some university goodies???"

Kessa: "That thing is so scary, it leaves gifts too?!"

Kessa: "Does it leave food?"

Kessa: "Phew, something smells."


Moonie: "I will destroy everything you love and some stuff that you hate too."

Moonie wasn't lying.

Brenner: "I'm bathing the dog, I must be a butler or something."

Lunar is leaving us!

Lunar Baudelaire
May 1, 2015 - June 24, 2015

Hadley: "Lunar is gone?!"

Brenner: "You need to stop coming here and taking our pets!"

Brenner: "They're our babies!"

Grim: "I never thought I would see you upset about death."

Grim: "I need some juice after all of that."

Kessa: "Eww, get him out of our house, his dancing stinks."

I don't know why he keeps going outside in the sunlight to play, he could die!

Brenner: "You're such a soft little kitty."

Party time for the boys!

Hyatt is full vampire now!

Hyatt: "That's right, now I'll go turn the whole town."

Weston: "Wait... I'm about to take over and be heir?"

Weston just went full vampire!

Weston: "That's right, I'm handsome AND a vampire."

Weston's traits! I can't believe how close we are to generation 30!

There's a pretty lady walking around in front of the house, I wonder what she's doing.

Oh no, she's getting ice cream!

Leighton: "This ice cream isn't too bad."

Leighton: "Why are you following me?"

Leighton: "Wow, I have no idea how I ended up inside of this house."

Leighton: "I want to know where this cute guy came from too."

Leighton: "Wait... is this one of those legacy challenges? Am I the new spouse?"

Leighton caught on quick! Now you two need to fall in love quick too.

That's a good first step, Weston!

Leighton: "What was that?!"

Weston: "We're supposed to fall in love, did that work?"

Leighton: "I guess it did."

Weston loves showing off his dance moves on pretty ladies.

Leighton: "His dance moves suck!"

Weston: "Too bad, you're stuck with my bad dance moves now."

Leighton is here to stay! I just love her, of course I do because my favorite color is blue.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 316

Hadley is trying to max out her athletic skill, she's getting close.

Hadley: "I would be even closer if you would go away."

Kessa: "I am your queen, bring me some pancakes and juice!"

Hadley went to the elixir shop and spotted a cute little cardinal on the way!

Hadley: "There's not anyone here to help me!"

Elixir Shop Guy: "Lady, I'm right here."

Ah, I see Moonie is still destroying things.

Moonie: "I will rip your air into tiny little pieces!"

Clementine looks smiley today.

Why is she still smiling? Clementine gave us many adorable Baudelaire babies, she had an awesome life after being dropped on the doorstep, she will be missed!

Clementine Baudelaire
December 27, 2014 - June 23, 2015

Syrah: "Clementine passed away and I'm not home to say goodbye!"

Oh look, it's an Ierik clone visiting!

Brenner: "How many Ierik clones exist?"

Cairo matches the bed!

Moonie: "And I match this rug!"

Moonie: "Oh, I also had a kitten."

Moonie and Dexter had the cutest little kitten ever, this is Tiger!

Tiger: "This place is scary!"

Syrah: "Why didn't anyone tell me we had a kitten? I want to pet it!"

Tiger: "Tell her to come pet me then."

Tiger: "I love mommy nuzzles."

Brenner: "Stop ignoring me, I want to pick you up."

Tiger: "Nope, still ignoring you."

Moonie: "Stop watching me."

Moonie: "I meant to fall off of the counter."

Tiger: "This piggy toy is bigger than my head."

Tiger: "I can still take it down though!"

Aren't they the cutest?!

Tiger: "Go away, I'm trying to sleep."

So adorable!

One day the cats will get that fish.

Cairo: "No they won't, I'll guard it!"

Weston: "Cairo can't guard the fish 24/7."

Sylas: "Did I bathe today? I can't remember."

I... I don't even know what's going on in the boys' bedroom.

Weston: "Turn the stereo off, I'm trying to sleep!!!"

Sylas: "Me too! Some people have school tomorrow!"


Kessa is a teen! A very moody teen.

She's pretty though.

Kessa: "Stop calling me pretty and get out of my face."

Moonie: "You can call me pretty anytime."