Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 329

Tiger has never had much interest in the toddlers until now.

Tempest: "You want to rub on me, kitty?"

Victory: "That feels so good, my back was itching really bad."

Victory loves the bugs, actually all of the cats do.

Victory: "I love them the most though!"

I love the Baudelaire's new house!

Victory: "Pay attention to me!"

Victory: "I'm having kittens, I need treats and belly rubs."

Victory: "I just had two kittens."

Victory and Tiger had two adorable kittens! They're both males, this is Puddy.

And his brother Echo! I think I like Echo more, they might have more kittens.

August: "YES! I've been waiting forever for kittens."

Leighton: "I've been waiting longer."

Knightlee: "Kitty noses tickle my fingers."

Puddy: "Hehe, kitty noses tickle me too."

Echo: "Why is everyone talking about tickles and not treats???"

They're adorable!

Oh no, I hope they don't have fleas.

Victory: "Let's make sure you're clean and flea free."

Puddy: "I'm too old for mom to groom me."

Tiger: "My babies are adorable, let's have more."

Queeny is learning to walk! It's about time.

Max: "I didn't mean to potty inside."

Good, Puddy! I guess he doesn't take after Moonie.

Echo: "I do though! I will destroy all of your furniture."

Brenner went fishing and found a little fish for the fish bowl in the kitchen.

Feeding time!

Kingsley: "What about MY feeding time?!"

Tiger: "This is blocking the window, I want to look out."

Tiger: "I just realized that I'm too short to look out."

Puddy: "Totally meant to do that."

Puddy: "Yep... Don't laugh."

Out of all of the places to eat inside, they choose to go outside.

Syrah: "I emptied the potty, are you proud of me?"

Brenner has been spending most of his days upgrading everything.

Syrah: "Yay for upgraded appliances and electronics!"

August: "Yay for pee in the floor and nobody cleaning it up..."

Someone is snoozing good!

Bed time with mom, aren't they adorable?!

Knightlee: "I don't want to watch a show about Sims 2!!!"

Tempest: "Phew, grandma stinks!"

Tempest: "She smells like rotten plasma fruit."

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 328

Weston: "He looks just like me, he's the cutest one."

Weston: "Do you know why? Because I'm cute."

Kingsley: "I don't need to learn how to talk."

Kingsley: "I'm too busy for something like that."

Cadienne: "Who left their food by that puddle of pee?!"

Cadienne: "Take that nastiness somewhere else!"

Cadienne: "The nursery is a lot cleaner!"

Baby #10 is on the way! This is the biggest generation ever.

Tempest: "I hope I never have that many kids!"


Knightlee: "Why did I have to grow up during a full moon with this ugly green lighting?"

Those adorable pointy ears and bright eyes, I just love him.

Tempest: "We get it, you like Kingsley more than the rest of us."

Topher: "I'm cool with that, just keep giving me plasma juice."


Topher: "I thought I had a few more days to be a child!"

Oooh, kitties!!!

Max: "We're going to have MORE cats?!"

It's important to keep up with exercising after having 9 kids.

It's also important to keep yourself groomed.

Tiger: "My tail scared me!"

This little doggy wandered in and played with the toys, I think he's related.

Kingsley: "Did I do good?"

August: "You did great!"

August: "You're such a little smarty!"

August: "I love my siblings!"

That's good news because she will have another one to love soon.

Tempest: "Well, it's not good for me because I hate everyone."

Brenner stays busy tending his garden and keeping zombies out of it.

It's stalking! Get inside, Brenner!


Tiger is an elder!

Victory will be an adult for a while though.

Baby #10 is a girl! Introducing, Queeny Baudelaire!

Queeny is the final baby of this generation, this generation is huge! Can you guess the name pattern? I'll reveal it at the end of the chapter.



Adkyn is handsome! He's also not heir, time to kick him out!

Victory: "Hahaha! He has to buy his own food now."

Weston: "I hope you look like me too."


Weston got his wish! Queeny is adorable, I think my heir choices are Cadienne and Queeny.

Good job.

Hadley: "This kid isn't very smart."

Here's the name pattern!

Queeny: "There's a name pattern?"

One name ends with N, the next one ends with N also.
Then I take the first letter of that name and the next name starts with the same letter, then the next name ends with the letter that the name before it ends with.