Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 124

Riley: "Why are you crying? Are you a little baby?"
Get away from him!

I can't get Mason's little friend to go away but Tripp is trying harder than ever to get his to age up, hopefully that doesn't happen.

Kassius: "Flowers for my lady."
Carlee: "They're beautiful, Kassius!"

Kassius: "Look at that dude reading a book, books are totally lame."

Kassius: "I think we we're meant to be."
Carlee: "Do you really think so? Do you think we'll be together forever?"
Kassius: "I don't think, I know."

Mason: "Hey."
Riley: "What's up?"

Mason: "I said to get out of my house!"

Riley: "Ha, I'll never leave!"


Lyrica looks so much like Hershey.

Mason: "Drink this."
Riley: "What is it?"
Mason: "Just drink it, okay?"

Riley: "Whoa, what's in this stuff?!"

Mason: "I hope nobody sees this."

Riley: "Why did you turn me real? I like being made of stuffing."
Mason: "I'm sorry."

Here is the mean Imaginary Friend turned real, Riley!
Hopefully she starts being nicer to Mason.

Why are you guarding something you can't use?
Lyrica: "Because I can, now go away."

I don't think anyone is getting near their food dishes.

Chance: "Must. Run. 10. Miles."

Since Landon passed away they decided that Kassius gets Landon and Peyson's old room, they changed a few things to make it more like Kassius.

Kassius: "I get a new room? Sounds evil."

Kassius: "It. Sounds. So. Evil!!!"

Kassius: "How am I supposed to chill when my hand is trying to choke me?!"

Kassius: "It got me! Someone get help!"
I actually have to agree with that, someone get him some serious help!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 123

Knox: "What is this, can I eat it?"

After being sniffed by every animal in the house, Lyrica decided to sleep beside her bed... on the floor.

Chance: "Everyone gather around for my baby boy's birthday!"
Mason: "Yes, everyone gather 'round."

Pajamas, smelly, and crazy... Yep, we're all set for this party!

Mason is still as cute as always, he just looks so different from everyone, I'm glad he got Grandma Heartleigh's pretty red eyes.

What do you think you're doing?! Is that your own pee?!
Lyrica: "It's still warm and feels so good!"

Oh no, no, don't shake it everywhere!
Lyrica: "Got a problem with that?"

You look unusually strange today, Landon.
Landon: "Yeah... I don't feel so great."

Why do you have to leave us so soon?! We'll always miss our crazy Landon even though he made the worst first impression by rejecting Peyson.

Landon Lucas
May 23, 2012 - July 27, 2012

Mason: "I'm going to miss Uncle Lucas."
At least you have your little imaginary friend to keep you company.
Mason: "Rightttt...."

Mason: "What's it doing?"

Riley: "Hello, how are you?"
Uh, not too good now.

Get away from my Mason!

Kassius: "Is something following me?"

Eww, don't eat that, Hershey!

Kassius: "Okay, now I want you to sit."
Hershey: "What is this sitting that you speak of, human?"

Chance: "Are you really leaving it up to Kassius to teach the dog how to sit?"

Good dog!

Chance: "Oh well, I guess he can do it."
Have faith in your crazy, insane son.

Pedo Bear: "What's up today, Mr. Toilet?"
Things are starting to get stranger around here!

Chance: "Why is it so weird around here?! But of course your boobies would always make things better."

Star: "Aww, that's so sweet."
Tripp: "Love, eugh."

Kassius went to the park to meet some friends, he ended up meeting a pretty girl!

Kassius: "So, what was your name again?"
Carlee: "Carlee, Carlee Riverhawk. You should give me a call sometime, I would love to meet again!"
Kassius: "Will do!"

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 122

Star: "Look at my adorable little boy, I can barely see you because of all of the green in this room."
If Mason's hair wasn't bright red I would lose him in this room, I never realized how green it is.

This tends to happen too often, they won't get out!

Mason: "I left you something in there!"
Landon: "Why was I stuck with the nasty part of toddlerhood?!"

Kassius: "I'm not turning 3, why is there only 3 candles on my cake?"

Landon: "YEAH, let's party all night long!"
*Crashes before 8pm*

Tripp: "I hope the cake catches on fire."

Kassius: "How you doin'?"

Hershey: "Give me the toy, old man!"

Knox: "One day that burger will be mine."

Kassius: "Did you see that? The dog wanted my burger."

He's just so cute sleeping... wait, what is that in the corner of the crib?!

I didn't even know he got one of these things, it just popped up!

I'm glad to see Tripp is taking a break from his world domination plans to act like a kid for once, Kassius is just as absent minded as ever.

Hershey: "Where did this strange looking child come from? I must investigate it."

Hershey: "What is this thing? Where did it come from and why does it look just like me?"
I have no idea, she just spawned in the neighborhood and we had to have her.

We actually stole her from someone.

Chance: "Such a cute wittle puppy dog, you are so cute."
Chance has to be one of the sweetest Baudelaire's ever.

Kassius had to catch a fish for some school project, he had to go all the way across town to find a fishing spot.

Star: "Why is Kassius out after dark?"
If I was you I would be more concerned about my fried hair.

Chance: "Stupid phone won't stop ringing while I'm trying to prepare my stupid spaghetti."

Lyrica: "I have a hot dog!"

Hershey: "I'm not letting that new little pup come near my food, she has a hot dog she can eat."