Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 155

Our generation 16 heir is Breyden! I don't think he's too happy about it.

And our future Baudelaire, Aubrey!

Toby: "Ball, ball, ball, ball!!!"

Tippy: "ATTACK!"

Aubrey: "I can't believe my eyes, did you see that coin disappear?!"

Delia: "Are you stupid? There was no coin."

Delia: "Why did this woman have to bother me with her amateur magic tricks?"

Declan was at the park trying to get women to pay for a kiss, he can't even give them away!

Declan: "Hey pretty lady, want a kiss?"

Aubrey: "Don't bother me, I'm practicing magic tricks."

Declan: "This hat is trying to attack my head!"
It is graduation time for Declan, Breyden and Aubrey!

Myloh: "Help! I'm surrounded by crazy people!"
That's not any different from an average day at home.

Spencer: "I'm so glad I got out of that house when I did."

Aubrey *Sneaky Sneaky*

Ayla: "Do I hear something???"
Aubrey: "BOO!"

Ayla: "Oh, I'm so embarrassed."

Myloh: "Yawwwwn, that was the most boring graduation I've ever attended."

Aubrey: "How many days did that graduation take?"

Yep, Aubrey is pregnant!

I have no idea what this creepy guy wants but he was hanging out by the garbage can.

Aubrey: "Creepy alien guy wanted my awesome logic skills."

Ayla: "I swear I felt something touch me, someone needs to clean this nasty toilet!"

Breyden: "I want to ask you something, you don't even have to get dressed first."
Of course not, who gets dressed around here?

Aubrey: "What is it? Why can't it wait until I put some clothes on?"

Breyden: "Because I love you so much and I couldn't wait another second to ask you, will you be my wife?"

Aubrey: "You shouldn't have gotten such a big ring!"

Aubrey: "But I love it, it's so shiny and beautiful! Yes I will marry you!"

Aubrey: "I love him, I guess I will marry him even though he is crazy sometimes."

She's not even an official Baudelaire yet and she's already crazy.

Aubrey: "Your face, it's hideous."
That's not something you should say to your future mother-in-law.

Aubrey: "I was just joking, her face doesn't look that bad."

Myloh: "Picture perfect."

Seriously? Your son is getting married and this is how you attend his wedding?

Such a beautiful day for a wedding!

Breyden: "Will you marry me and accept my crazy family as well?"

Myloh: "This is just so beautiful."
It's sad that Myloh was the only one to attend the wedding.

I now pronounce you, Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire!

Myloh decided to stop watching the wedding to brush Toby, nobody cares about weddings around here.

Ayla: "Hi, I guess. I was nice, are you happy?"

Baby time! Wait, isn't Aubrey already pregnant?

Aubrey: "Treehouse woohoo makes me sick!"

Breyden: "Did you hear about the baby on the way? You will have a little baby to sniff soon!"

Toby: "A new baby? I love new babies!"

Aubrey: "Aww, I'm glad Toby likes babies, he's going to be a good big dog brother."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 154

Breyden: "Oh my goodness, look how cute."

Breyden: "We have no time for cute things, we need to protect our castle!"

Breyden: "I must transform into a dinosaur if I want to protect my castle."

Breyden: "RAWR, fear me!"

Breyden: "RAWR!"
Toby: "Is that a dinosaur? Is that a dinosaur???"

Toby: "Just act cool and walk away slowly and maybe it won't notice me."

Get dressed, it's time to move.
Breyden: "I can go dressed like this."

The Baudelaire's decided to move into a smaller house a lot like their old one!

Declan: "I don't like the new house, I feel like something is trying to get me!"

Declan: "It got me! Somebody help!"

Breyden: "I'm tired of having a crazy older brother!!!"

Toby: "I don't care if you are crazy as long as you don't come near my toys."

Isis has a nice view from her kitty condo!

Declan: "Who is this? Should I go over to her and introduce myself?"

Declan: "Hi, my name is Declan, what's your name?"

Mean Girl: "None of your business is my name, now shoo."
Declan: "Don't be like that."
You shoo, weird lady!

Myloh: "Yay, we got that funky looking lady out of our house!"

*Om nom nom*

Breyden wants to be a writer so he's getting started young!

Tippy is still the most adorable purple kitty ever.

Happy Snowflake Day from the Baudelaire's!

Breyden: "Snowflake Day stinks."
But you get presents!

Breyden: "Presents?! I think I changed my mind."

Breyden's birthday just happened to be on Snowflake Day, double the presents!

Ayla: "Plus we get cake!"
Yes, how could I forget the cake.

I still love him, he's so cute!

Breyden decided to go to the park and a pretty girl came over and started flirting with him, her name is Aubrey!

Aubrey: "Aww, it's snowing, I love snow."
Breyden: "Snow sucks."
Cheer up, we need her to like you!

I guess she likes Mr. Moody!

They spent their whole weekend together and then every day after that together, I guess you can say they were in love!

Myloh... it's not Spooky Day.
Toby: "Aren't you a little behind on the holidays?"

I see love is in the air...

You will have so many beautiful Baudelaire babies!
Aubrey: "What?"

Breyden: "You mean I get to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her?"

Loki: "I can't wait to see the craziness that comes from those two."

Declan: "Hello, mother."
He needs to move. now.

These two are never apart, it's adorable!

Breyden: "So, I was thinking maybe you could move in with us?"
And that was the end of that, she moved in!

Aubrey loves birthdays, she fits in perfect!

Andrew: "I don't think I should try to make any more potions."

Breyden: "Dad is so stupid."
Aubrey: "What kind of family have I joined?"

Ayla: "You look so gross and toasted, go take a shower."

It's finally time to get this creep out of the house!

Declan: "You can't buy me some nice clothes before you kick me out?"

Breyden was up next, time to get started on the next generation!

Breyden: "I can't wait to marry her and have tons of kids!"
Aubrey: "We aren't having tons of kids."
Think again.

Aubrey: "How am I supposed to make a wish with him blowing that thing in my ear?"

Aubrey is happy to be a young adult but Breyden would rather be a kid again, generation 16 begins now!