Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 235 (Introducing Generation 25!)

They decided to make it official before the baby is born.

I now pronounce you, Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire!

This is just great, those poor fishies never stand a chance!

Peyton: "Don't let them eat my fishies!"

Peyton: "Whaaa? I swore I just heard this phone ringing."

Maybe the beetles and butterflies will take their attention away from the fish.

Nope, Citrine still loves the fish.

Mouse: "That one almost jumped out of the bowl!"

Moose: "If it jumps out of the bowl I get to eat it!"

Mouse: "Hi! Come play with me."

Mouse: "You'll never get your furry paws on me!"

Fish #5!

It's a clown fish!

Peyton: "Forget about the clown fish, there's a baby on the way!"

Novie: "Just go back to your clown fish, don't worry about me!"

How could we worry about a clown fish when generation 25 is being born?!

Introducing the first baby of generation 25, Jonah Baudelaire!

Novie: "My baby boy is a fairy like me."

We can't have happy moments for long, Grim is here for Eon!

Eon Baudelaire
November 21, 2013 - January 22, 2014

Party time! At least we have this cutie to keep our minds off of Eon's death.

Cute! I guess his skin is a lighter version of Novie's skin, he got her hair and eyes too!

So, he basically got everything from Novie.

Novie: "My son is identical to me?! Poor thing!"

Cheyenne: "I want a grandbaby that's a clone of ME!"

The kittens were afraid of Jonah for a while but they're finally coming around, I think they will be best friends.

Momma's clone but a daddy's boy!

Peyton: "The tickle monster has arrived!"

Jonah: "The milk has arrived too!"

Poor Jonah, he spends most of his day playing alone, I think it's time for a little brother or sister.

Or a psychiatrist....

Or a whole new home in a different town, this kid is starting to creep me out!

Good job, Peyton... the circle block definitely goes in the triangle hole, you're teaching him right.

Novie: "What do you think about having another baby? I would love another clone."

Peyton: "But what happens if we have another doll eater?"

Peyton: "Time for bed, you've eaten enough dolls for one day."

Jonah: "But there is one more I want to eat."

Everybody is fast asleep and dreaming of fishies. Okay, maybe just the cats are the ones dreaming of fishies but you never know around here.

Someone else must have been dreaming of a tasty birdy.

Nothing like a nice cat nap by the pool.

Citrine: "I must practice my hunting skills so I can catch that bird."

Practicing all day, everyday. You're not eating the bird!

Mouse is on a mission!

Mouse: "Hello, Mr. Birdy."

Moose: "I would like one wing off of the bird, please."

Nobody around here is eating any of the birds!

Brooke: "I ate chicken last night, does that count?"

Ellora is an elder, she's not very happy about it.

Or maybe she is...

Or not... do we have moodswings to look forward to?

At least someone is happy to be an elder! Cheyenne is an adorable elder.

Jonah: "I feel like I've been asleep for a week."

Jonah: "Did everyone forget about meeeeee?!"

Jonah: "Who are you? You're not my mommy."

Plumbot: "I am now."

Jonah: "I want my mommy!"